Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A teacher made a complaint to police brutality : “They have threatened to come and wipe us out at the Sorbonne” – Franceinfo

He intends to denounce the police violence, which he said he was a victim. Guillaume Vadot, 28 years, phd student and lecturer in political science at the university of Paris-I Panthéon-Sorbonne, has first written his account of the evening of Thursday, September 22, in a mailing-list addressed to his fellow teachers. In his text, posted on Facebook by one of them, became viral before being removed by the social network. A copy has been posted on a blog on Mediapart. And to alert public opinion, William Vadot has finally decided to hold a press conference, Monday, September 26, to tell of her ordeal.

on Thursday evening, after a meeting, he returned to Saint-Denis where he lives, accompanied by a colleague. At the exit of the RER station of this town of Seine-Saint-Denis, the “shrill cries” a “dark lady of about 45 years.” to attract her attention. the “She had handcuffs and she was screaming because of the pain”, shows Guillaume Vadot.

A crowd creates, thirty police officers and agents of the safety rail are on site, according to the doctoral student. the “pull Out my phone, it was a gesture militant and at the same time quite trivial”, ” says the one who assumes its commitment to the New anti-capitalist Party (NPA). As soon as they spot the police asked him to stop filming, claiming that “it is forbidden in the station” and tell him that it will be subject to an identity check.

The young man said to have been caught by the shoulder. Pressed against a door, Guillaume Vadot then the two arm bent in the back, “the pressure on my arms is such that I have no more breath to talk, and I discuss”. the “Trapped”, it is “forced to listen” that two police officers who surround him have to say. the “You wanted to play with the police. Now, it is we who are going to play with you.”, he means. A flood of hatred ensues. the “You’re a fag, it will kill you.” He will then have then been subjected to sexual touching.

one of The officers placed his hand on my left buttock at me, telling me that if I kept on like that, I was going to make me violate it.

Guillaume Vadot

at a press conference

According to the story of the young man, the police suggest the group islamic State : “They ask me what I will do when Daech will come, if I was going to masturbate or suck, quietly explains Guillaume Vadot, during his press conference in Paris, apologizing for the vulgarity of the comments. me They accused of collaborating with Daech having wanted to film it.” He also said the beatings of feet. During the search, the police discover his business card. the “When they saw that I was in the Sorbonne, they called me a ‘dirty fag’ and ‘dirty leftist’. They have threatened to come and wipe us out at the Sorbonne. Then, they found my address [not far from the train station]. There, they showed my building and they told me : ‘We are going to put a hood, we will come to you and we will rape you’.”

police also note that Guillaume Vadot is contractual. They are launching : “Your establishment, you can put it. We will make a report salty to the prefecture and you will die.” The agent who is to her left puts a shot Taser. the “There, I was quite worried of what would be the next step”, breath the young man. At the end of ten minutes, the police release the arm of the professor and ask him to unlock his phone and delete the videos that it comes to turn.

Finally, my phone to me is ripped from the hands by a police officer. He enters the gallery photos and clear videos.

Guillaume Vadot

at a press conference

“Then, it goes in the folder ‘recently deleted’ and it removes the videos again. Then, he asks me if I have iCloud [online storage offered by Apple], I replied ‘No’.” Called on another operation, the police officers leave finally Guillaume Vadot, “sheepish”, which found her friend.

in the Face of the reactions provoked by his testimony relayed on the social networks, it decided to complain and publicise its case for “pull the alarm” and highlight the “all of the people brutalized in this context”. Through a friend gifted in computer science, the teacher was able to retrieve the videos he shot on Thursday night, where police, he puts in question are perfectly identifiable. Of the images released at the press conference. It is also launching an appeal to witnesses to find people who were able to attend the scene as he experienced it.

For the avocado Guillaume Vadot, master Slim Ben Achour, it is a “a classic case and trite strikes by the desire to destroy evidence of police violence”. the “The right of film is a fundamental right and even vital, in particular, against the control on the facies, adds the lawyer. the cookie, it is passed to the status of victim. Today, the citizens are referred to. After aliens, we move on to intellectuals, leftists.” A complaint will be filed, Tuesday, September 27, with the prosecutor’s office of the Republic of Bobigny for abuse of authority, voluntary violence aggravated sexual assault aggravated, threats, public insult and theft (the police stole his pack of cigarettes). The Defender of rights will also be entered.

Contacted by franceinfo, the office of the minister of the Interior has prompted a “as soon as Friday”, a young teacher to report his case to the general Inspectorate of the national police (IGPN, the police of fonts). For its part, the prefecture of police of Seine-Saint-Denis has not yet responded to our solicitation as to the circumstances of this case.

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