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Jacques and Bernadette Chirac hospitalized, the family calls the “respect for their private life” – The Point

The family of Jacques Chirac has reacted strongly Wednesday to the rumours of the death of the former president, calling for the respect of his “peace” and his wife Bernadette, who was hospitalized for “blow” in the face of trials.

Jacques Chirac, 83 years old, is still hospitalized at the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital in Paris for a lung infection, said Wednesday AFP the son-in-law of the former president, Frederic Salat-Baroux. “There is nothing more to add, president Chirac is being treated for a lung infection and I want to pay tribute to the outstanding quality of the medical teams,” he said.

In the evening, the former secretary general of the Elysee told AFP that his mother-in-law Bernadette, 83 years old, was admitted to the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital in paris.

“Bernadette Chirac, deeply marked by the death of his eldest daughter, Laurence (April, editor’s note) and exhausted since a few days following the lung infection of her husband, was hospitalized on Tuesday,” as Jacques Chirac, “to blow off and recover a bit,” said the husband of Claude Chirac.

Since Tuesday night, the wildest rumours had been circulated in Paris, with some reports of photos taken by paparazzi and showing the family Chirac out, heartbroken, to the hospital.

The former minister Christine Boutin has even tweeted Wednesday afternoon: “Death of #Chirac”, which has received many comments livid.

“I got that information, which seems to me to come from a safe source. It is a information that, I believe, await the French. It is a strong expectation of the French, it is enough to see the buzz around this story. And my tweet was very sober,” is justified to the AFP Boutin.

Why not remove his tweet because the information is false ? “I withdraw my tweet if I have a true denial”, she replied.

Contrary to what has been claimed by some journalists, according to which the family Chirac was waiting for the return of president François Hollande of the United States to announce his death, the head of State, in moving the United Nations in New York, did not short his trip and returned Wednesday mid-day in Paris, as expected, said his entourage.

After you made public the hospitalization of Mrs. Chirac, Frédéric Salat-Baroux has again launched an appeal to “respect the privacy” of the couple.

“Like all families, Chirac must be able to cope in peace with the hardships of life. Our society has so much changed that it is necessary to twice a day recall of such truths ?”, he asked.

- the Last “real president” -

Jacques Chirac, 83 years old, was taken care of Sunday morning for treatment of a lung infection. His return from Morocco, where he sojourned with his wife, Bernadette, had been advanced 24 hours on the advice of doctors, according to a close.

Since then, very little information has filtered out about his condition. On Sunday, her son-in-law had stated that he was aware and that he would remain hospitalized “in the coming days”. On Monday, his entourage had simply indicated that there was no new information to give.

Since his departure from the Elysée in may 2007, Mr. Chirac, who suffered a stroke in 2005, has already been hospitalized several times. As to each of his hospitalizations, his previous stay in the Pity, in December 2015, for “impairment” had already been the occasion of rumors.

The former president has also been strongly felt in April by the death of his eldest daughter, Laurence. His relatives were, however, reported in recent weeks of an improvement in its health status.

Since the announcement of his hospitalization Sunday, messages of sympathy has increased in the political sphere.

François Hollande has testified of the “support” of the Nation to the former president. “I have a thought in that moment to tell him of our support in the event that he passes through”, said the head of State, during his speech to pay tribute to the victims of terrorism on Monday to the Disabled.

The major candidates in the primary from the right have also expressed on Sunday their support and expressed wishes of speedy recovery.

“This is a man who sought the unity of his country. He tried to avoid fractures, the fighting, the most important”, stressed Wednesday, François Bayrou (MoDem).

While clearing his arrows at the address of his successors, Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande, Florian Philippot (FN) was of the view that Jacques Chirac “remains in the unconscious French political” as the last “real president”.

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