Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Bush there is no “resentment” against Sarkozy – BFMTV.COM

The former adviser of the shadow of Nicolas Sarkozy, Patrick Buisson, estimates that “the worst is to the right in 2017″ would not “not to lose” but “be a new time cocue” with the ex-head of State, in an interview to the weekly current Values, to be published Thursday. “All the bet Sarkozy is based on the idea that the French electorate of the right is always the more stupid of the world, and aspire to remain so. Believe that, as elected against Marine Le Pen as Prime minister François Baroin, the deconstructor of nurseries, Nicolas Sarkozy will make a policy right is made either an abysmal stupidity or extreme candour,” says the political scientist, and historian, who publishes Thursday, a book explosive, the Cause of The people (Perrin), where he settled all his accounts with the former head of the State.

“The worst is to the right in 2017, it would not be lost: it would be a new time cocue,” adds this former advisor, disgraced and condemned for breach of privacy after you have registered and hold without her knowledge the ex-president.

Led by Nicolas Sarkozy and his successor François Hollande, “dwarves” policy, he claims that “the French do not want or a hover narcissistic to Ray-Ban aviator, nor a Felix Faure in the scooter in the hill, at midnight, the demon of noon”. In his eyes, “the defeat of Sarkozy in the primary of the right will almost automatically the renunciation of Holland to his own application” and “if Sarkozy wins”, “we will have the right, from February 2017, with a pyrotechnics politico-judicial”, with Holland in the “first artificer”, “from the Élysée palace”.

Patrick Buisson, who is said to not have “not the least in the world,” the “resentment” against the ex-president, says that “never before has the number of entries regular and irregular immigrants has not been as high as under the mandate of Nicolas Sarkozy” (2007-2012).

The FN? “An outlet for the suffering of the France of the invisible”

on the national Front, it is “socially necessary” because “it provides an outlet to the suffering of the France of the invisible”, but “politically useless,” says Patrick Buisson. Especially, “he offers a counter-example very useful to the ruling class” and “enables him to survive to good account”. In his eyes, “ironically, the voting FN is still the best life insurance system”.

Asked about the records clandestine he had made of Nicolas Sarkozy, it is justified: “the fact that I record some of these exchanges was for me a guarantee. The ability to have a verbatim faithful and to do my job by providing the arguments and the elements of language are the most appropriate”.


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