Wednesday, September 21, 2016

INTERNET Rumors of the death of Jacques Chirac, Bernadette is in hospital, – The Dauphiné Libéré

Bernadette Chirac has been in hospital since this morning at the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital, according to his family. 83-year-old, the former general councillor of Corrèze was admitted in the morning in the same facility as her husband in order to “breathe and recover a little.”

A new that just bounce on a previous information, reports of rumors around the death of Jacques Chirac.

it was All part of a tweet from Christine Boutin, on Wednesday morning : “Chirac is dead.”

“Jacques Chirac is still hospitalized in Paris for a chest infection”, had denied a few minutes later the son-in-law of the former president, Frédéric Salat-Baroux, who has “urged that respect of its tranquillity”.

“The source seemed to be safe”

Interviewed on RTL, Christine Boutin is back in the day on this tweet : I made this tweet because I had the information that I have estimated to be safe, the source of which, seemed to me safe, and that the French are waiting for this information. Of the rest, the buzz there was after this tweet that shows that the French are waiting for this information (…) would you Believe that my political life has been marked by the life of Jacques Chirac and of course I wanted the sobriety to show my respect and grief that I felt in relation to this disappearance,” she explained.

“In what world does one live?”

on the side Of the husband of Claude Chirac, daughter of Jacques and Bernadette, one’s displeasure is most ardent : “there is nothing more to add, president Chirac is being treated for a lung infection and I want to pay tribute to the outstanding quality of the medical teams,” he said, in response to rumors about the death of former head of State.

The son-in-law of the octogenarian has insisted on respect for its peace and quiet, but also that of his wife, her daughter and her grandson : “In what world does one live where one is compelled to recall these fundamental principles of humanity and respect ?”

Proven by the death of his daughter Laurence

Jacques Chirac has been hospitalized since Sunday. He is aged 83. His return from Morocco, where he sojourned with his wife, Bernadette, had been advanced 24 hours on the advice of doctors.

Since his departure from the Elysée in may 2007, the ex-head of State, who suffered a stroke in September 2005, has been hospitalized several times, including a fortnight in December, 2015, for “weakening”.

It was also strongly felt by the death of his eldest daughter, Lauren, in April. His relatives were, however, reported in recent weeks of an improvement in its health status.

crazy rumors for several hours

For several hours the wildest rumours are circulating, with some reports of photos taken by paparazzi and showing the family Chirac out, heartbroken, to the hospital. In addition, some journalists have asserted that the family Chirac was waiting for the return of president François Hollande of the United States to announce the death. But the head of State, who was visiting the United Nations in New York, did not short his trip and returned Wednesday mid-day in Paris, as planned.


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