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Morandini put in examination, in particular to “corruption of a minor, aggravated” – The Cross

Jean-Marc Morandini had dénoncé  charges of

Jean-Marc Morandini had denounced the accusations “totally false and defamatory” during a press conference on July 19, 2016 in Paris / AFP/Archives

In turmoil since this summer, the host, starring Jean-Marc Morandini was indicted Friday in Paris, particularly for “corruption of a minor, aggravated”, and placed under judicial control, in the context of accusations made by two young men.

The facilitator, the 51-year-old, a pillar of Europe 1 and also figure NRJ12, has been indicted by a judge for “corruption of a minor” and “corruption of a minor, aggravated” by the use of an electronic means of communication, according to a justice source.

in Accordance with the requisitions of the parquet de Paris, it is placed under judicial control, with prohibition to enter in contact with the victims and to exercise a professional activity in connection with minors. It must also report any exit from the national territory.

A judicial review is “quite compatible with his professional activities”, immediately stated to the press his lawyer Patrick Klugman.

The host Jean-Marc Morandini during a  conférence de presse on July 19, 2016 à  Paris / AFP/Archives

The presenter Jean-Marc Morandini during a press conference on July 19, 2016 in Paris / AFP/Archives

John Marc Morandini spent 48 hours in police custody at the Brigade de protection des mineurs, to be heard on this investigation since the end of July and be confronted with the statements of his accusers. “He denies nothing of what he could do, but he disputes that there has been the slightest breach,” says his lawyer.

in addition, the star of the PAF is at the centre of another case, accused of “sexual harassment” in the framework of the investigation opened in early August on the castings bare, for her webseries “The Hawks”, as revealed by the magazine Les Inrockuptibles.

The investigation for corruption of minors based on complaints filed in July and September by two young men, minors at the time of the alleged crime. The accusations – old – were revived after the release of the investigation of the “Inrocks”, on 13 and 20 July, pushing the two young adults to seek justice.

- No expected return to Europe1 -

In the first complaint, a young man of 18 years today says he has made sexual solicitation in exchange SMS between February and march 2013, according to a source close to the investigation.

Jean-Marc Morandini in the studios of Europe  1, on march 19, 2015, at the 3.000 e éedition  of its émission

Jean-Marc Morandini in the studios of Europe 1, on march 19, 2015, when the 3,000 th edition of his show “Le Grand Direct / AFP/Archives

According to this source, the second complainant, 23 years ago today, rumored to have been contacted in July 2009 by the production company Morandini via a casting website for a project of a remake of the movie “Ken Park” by the american director Larry Clark, which was about the life of teenagers in the United States between boredom, sex, and violence. The young man explained to have been invited, alone, to the address of the host where the latter would be invited to pose nude for a photo shoot.

“For a case, he had absolutely no recollection of the person or of the exchanges. For another, there were exchanges, but it was perfectly in ignorance of the age of his interlocutor,” added the lawyer.

Host tv mocked in the 90′s for his tone enticing, Jean-Marc Morandini has become in recent years a décrypteur dreaded media to the radio.

For the facilitator to 900.000 followers on Twitter, the media storm and the judiciary broke out this summer with the revelations of the Inrockuptibles.

young actors were told about the conditions of recruitment and filming in 2015 for the webseries “The Hawks” produced by the facilitator, who promised to tell “without taboo” the life of a football team: “Love, family, drugs, sex”.

The comedians accused him in particular of having taken advantage of the castings for the push to show off naked. According to their testimony, a certain “Catherine”, presenting himself as responsible for the casting, they had requested with insistence by e-mail to send videos of them naked, including scenes of masturbation.

Five of these actors, major, have filed a complaint, triggering the opening of an investigation for “sexual harassment and illegal labour”, which aims, in particular, the moderator and his company “Don’t pass productions”.

Reminded by Europe 1 during their vacation, Jean-Marc Morandini had denounced at the end of July of the charges “totally false and defamatory” and “manipulation”. In the Face of the controversy, its back on Europe 1 is not expected in the immediate future. On his arrival at Canal+, iTélé), it is delayed, the time for the facilitator to prepare his defence.



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