Thursday, September 22, 2016

Rouen: a man stuck S spotted on the outskirts of the faculty – The Figaro

Noted for its suspicious behavior, the individual has been arrested at his home. The services of clearance are occurring within the university, evacuated by the end of the day.

A man stuck S was placed in custody Wednesday at Rouen, after showing “suspicious behavior” near the faculty of law, which has undergone a “security search”, said the prefecture.

“A man who is not of the University has been identified due to its suspicious behavior by a student who alerted the police. Known, stuck S, he was apprehended at his home and placed in custody”, a-t-it is indicated in the prefecture, confirming information of the daily newspaper Paris-Normandie. The journal talks about an individual in their twenties, who should have been seen several times in the vicinity of the faculty.

“We were in, a security agent came to ask us to leave the room, to evacuate, without saying anything more,” said a teacher on the site Normandie-actu.

“The police have conducted Wednesday at the end of the day to a security search that has nothing given”, a-t-is added. The faculty had been evacuated to leave the services of demining work. “In a citizen reaction quite interesting, the student had followed the individual and noted the registration number of the vehicle before you notify the police.” After the Normandie-Actu, the car the young man was parked nearby.

police officers of the Brigade of research and intervention were apprehended at his home in Val-de-Reuil (Eure), south of Rouen, and he was placed in custody in the premises of the judicial police. The floor of Rouen, contacted by AFP, does not wish to comment.

Before the search of security, the dean of the University had warned students via Facebook, by e-mail and by telephone that the faculty would be exceptionally closed on Thursday and do réouvrirait that Monday morning. The search with nothing given, it is possible that the academic institution reopens its doors as early as Thursday. According to Paris-Normandie, quoting a “source of law”, the police would not have found of “particular things” to the home of the person stopped, but the computer equipment would have been seized.


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