Thursday, September 29, 2016

Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray: the gripping testimony of survivors of the terrorist attack, Le Figaro

Two months after the assassination of father Hamel by two assailants claiming to be from the ARS in the church of the small commune of Seine-Maritime, three survivors were handed over to the site of a Christian Family. They return to their confrontation with the terrorists as they try, in vain, to reason.

Two months after the assassination of father Hamel by two terrorists belonging to the islamic State, three of the survivors of the attack return on this day of horror. The journalist Christian Family, Luke, Adrian, went to meet Guy Coponet, was wounded by three strokes of the knife a in the throat, his wife Janine and sister Danielle. This is the first time that the couple of octogenarians testify with their faces uncovered. Former worker 87-year-old Guy Coponet is a miracle. He will have waited more than 45 minutes before the rescue could not intervene. “The er physician that treated me said to me: “there was a divine hand on you because none of the shots hit a vital organ. However, this was not so far… It’s like a miracle!", he says to the Christian Family.

“Think of your parents, you’re on a wrong road, you’re gonna kill him from grief.”

But the hardest for him, this was to have been forced to make a video of the execution of the father Hamel. “The two young killers to me caught by the “colbac,” I have put a camera in her hands and told me: “Poppa, you film.” They would even come to check the quality of the images and see that I was shaking too much. I had to film the assassination of my friend Father Jacques! I do not deliver.” He explains that the two terrorists had in mind to “make a video intended to go around the world on social networks, which would allow them to earn their title of glory as a “martyr” for Allah.”

During the attack, Guy tries to reason with him. He asked one of the killers if he has children, and adds: “Think of your parents, you’re on a wrong road, you’re gonna kill of grief.” The terrorist stabs him and drags him down the steps of the altar. “It was all red, but I didn’t realize that it was my blood that was flowing. I have not suffered at the time. I’m tight throat because it would come out.” He prays, then, the blessed Charles de Foucauld, “he also died by a hand of the muslims in the desert”. He recites the prayer of abandonment, he values particularly. “”My Father I yield myself to Thee, do with me what You please… I commend my soul into thy hands.” I was there, in his hands. Especially after a mass!”, he explains to Luke, Adrian.

“It is a suicide. They wanted to die. I look forward to be able to ask them to Heaven : Why, all this?”

then she engages in a conversation surreal between Kermiche and sister Helen, one of the nuns who attended the mass. “Are you afraid to die?, lance Kermiche to Helen. – No, she answers. He was surprised: – Why not fear? – Because I believe in God and I know that I’ll be happy,” says sister Danielle to Family Christian. “He whispers: “I also believe in God and I am not afraid of death.” Then he proclaims: “Jesus is a man, not God!””, continuing sister Danielle. The wife of Guy, Janine, asked Kermiche permission to sit down. “He answers me without hesitation, with politeness: “Yes, sit down, Madam.” At this time, Helen’s sister, who was exhausted also, and asked him his cane remained in his place. Kermiche moves around, takes the cane and puts on her”, she said.

At 10: 30, the bell rings. The two terrorists grow the survivors out and out screaming “Allahu akbar”, and are getting killed for the police. “It is a suicide. They wanted to die. I look forward to be able to ask them at the Sky: "Why, all this?" In order to try to understand,” says sister Danielle.

today, the remnants of the church will be rebuilt. Guy and Jane will celebrate their 65 years of marriage. Now arises the question of forgiveness. “I will not be able to do it full in the face of God, with his grace,” said Guy. Pray sometimes for them, with his wife? “It just happens to say: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”” They think to meet the families of their executioners. “To try to understand and placate them,” said Janine.


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