Bernard Squarcini, January 17, 2012, has been placed in police custody in the course of an investigation for influence peddling. – MARTIN BUREAU / AFP

bad time for the police. Two former great cops – Bernard Squarcini and Christian Flaesch – have been placed Monday in custody. in 20 Minutes made the point on a survey that was vaguely defined.

Who are the two in question ?

Bernard Squarcini, 60 years old, the first boss of the central directorate for domestic intelligence (DCRI, become ISB) at its inception in 2008 and close to Nicolas Sarkozy, has long been considered an ace of the information. Nicknamed “the Sharks” or “Squarc” in the police, that son of a police officer, grandson of a shepherd in corsica, had previously been named boss of the Directorate of territorial surveillance (DST), in June 2007, after having been number 2 to general Intelligence (RG). To RG, he was recognized as the undisputed specialist of the terrorism, whether he is basque, islamic or corsican. But in may 2012, with the arrival of the left in power, he is dismissed from his position at the DCRI, a victim of his friendships sarkozystes. Two years later, in April 2014, he was sentenced to 8.000 euros of fine by the correctional court of Paris, which recognizes the guilty of having requisitioned illegally, telephone bills detailed (” fadettes “) of a journalist of the World.

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Christian Flaesch has been the pattern for the 36, quai des Orfèvres until the end of December 2013.He had to leave his functions after a warning from the prosecutor general’s office of the court of appeal of Paris about a call that he had passed to his former minister, Brice Hortefeux, during which he seemed to indicate how to prepare for a hearing in a court files involving Nicolas Sarkozy. Christian Flaesch is now general manager safety-security of the Accor group.

What is he reproached ?

It is not yet known very widely the reasons for these two guards to view. However, it is known that these have been carried out in the framework of an investigation for influence-peddling open in Paris after the discovery of documents seized during searches in April, the parisian home of Bernard Squarcini, and the headquarters of his company. These searches were part of three investigations, including one on charges of funding the libyan election campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy for the French presidential elections of 2007, a-t-on learned from sources close to the investigation. Impossible to say for the moment if those guards to have a report with the survey on any funding from libya.

However, a name is the link between all these cases even if there is no evidence that it is involved : Nicolas Sarkozy. Moreover, the former police prefect of Paris Michel Gaudin, another very close to Nicolas Sarkozy, for his part, was heard in free auditing by the general Inspectorate of the national police (IGPN), ” police-police “, in this same investigation involving Bernard Squarcini and Christian Flaesh, and a search was conducted at his home, according to a source close to the folder.

How the investigation is being conducted ?

The two super-cops were heard on Monday evening in the premises of the national division of the IGPN. Christian Flaesh was arrested Monday at his paris home, where a search was conducted. “Exceptional treatment for an old big boss of the police “, has blown a police source.

What reactions to these guards ?

The two in question have obviously not had the opportunity to speak publicly, but another great flic, and as if by chance, close to Nicolas Sarkozy, took up their defence. Frédéric Péchenard, ex-boss of the national police, has said Monday night on iTélé that he brought his “full support” to Bernard Squarcini and Christian Flaesch. The director-general of the party, The Republicans stated that he ” worked with these two boys, who are friends, for over 30 years. [...] These are people that I like and in whom I have confidence. Let them do the justice. I wanted to give a testimony on the morality of these two officers who have worked for 30 years remarkably well “, he insisted. And Frédéric Péchenard has defended his two friends even as he ignores the ” absolutely the reason for their custody “. A beautiful proof of confidence or courage.

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