Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Bernard Squarcini, the fall of a great cop – BFMTV.COM

He was the boss of the intelligence inside. A man of power and networks. Bernard Squarcini, 60 years old, said, “the Sharks”, has been indicted of seven counts, including influence peddling.

Nicolas Sarkozy appointed him to the head of the DCRI, on his arrival at the Elysee in 2007. Together, they create the FBI to the French. The foundations of this relationship are formed five years earlier, during the arrest of Yvan Colonna, the assassin of the prefect Claude Erignac. Nicolas Sarkozy was then minister of the Interior, Bernard Squarcini chief of intelligence in Corsica. He leads the hunt for the nationalist.

“Nicolas Sarkozy has pushed up in the hierarchy”

“Nicolas Sarkozy has sucked, up in the police hierarchy rather quickly. And therefore, Bernard Squarcini will put a large part of this service information at the service of Nicolas Sarkozy,” says Olivia Recasens, co-author of The Spy of the president.

In 2012, it is François Hollande who was elected president of the Republic. Bernard Squarcini is ousted. It launches out then in the private sector and created Kyrnos, (the island of beauty ” in Greek), a consulting firm in security.

But its links with Nicolas Sarkozy chase, Bernard Squarcini is placed on listening. In April, in the framework of the survey on financing of libya of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007, a search is conducted in its offices.

reports defense secret discovered in its offices

“The co-investigating judges and police officers who perquisitionnent the offices of Bernard Squarcini make discoveries absolutely amazing,” explains Sarah-Lou Cohen, chief of police-justice of BFMTV.

“They are falling on reports classified secret-defense, files on political figures. They say that there is a problem and that Bernard Squarcini has been able to have elements that were covered by the secrecy of the instruction, or simply covered by the secret defence. This is where they will start to pull the ball of yarn and realize that there is a lot of traffic of influence, he has used his networks within the police to get confidential information”, she says.

beyond his political friends, Bernard Squarcini also seems to use its influence for its clients. For the cigarette manufacturer Philip Morris in particular. Bernard Squarcini would have sought to use his contacts within the police marseillaise for more information.

Ditto for LVMH: he is accused of having requested information on the inquiry conducted after the complaint of Hermes against his client.


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