A policeman in Saint-Denis near Paris, on June 2, 2014 – THOMAS SAMSON AFP

The words are violent. “I will die here in ten minutes “, ” I’m going to rape you and we will see if you continue to film the police “, ” little whore “, ” fag “. The anonymous testimony of a teacher-researcher from the university of Paris-1, 28-year-old, claiming to have been “threatened “”insulted” and “attacked” by two police officers last Thursday, the station of Saint-Denis, has had the effect of a bomb.

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Published in a first time on the site of the far left Permanent Revolution – of which the author of the text is the co-host and then by one of his colleagues on Facebook, his message has been relayed thousands of times on social networks, and then censored for several hours by Facebook. Then, in the face of the echo, the indignation, but also in doubt of my words “, William Vadot has decided to come out of anonymity on Monday during a press conference in the presence of his lawyer, his director of thesis and d’ Alain Krivine from the NPA – then for 20 Minutes, on Tuesday. The goal : to get back on this evening that began around 20 hours.

” You support Daesh ? When they go to come, thou shalt do what ? You’re going to suck ? “

That night, he goes out with a friend from the train station of the RER D at the time where a ” black woman “, is “arrested” by the police. She starts to scream ” strident “. “A witness of police violence,” according to Slim Ben Achour, a lawyer specializing in cases of discrimination, Guillaume Vadot decides to shoot the scene. A policeman benchmark, “the sum” to cut the sequence and get out of the train station. Guillaume is running. After that, it is what he recounts in his text posted on the Internet.

Guillaume Vadot describes the words, the insults, and then acts. “You support Daesh is that it ? When they go to come, thou shalt do what ? You’re going to suck ? Will not cry and ask to be protecting you, ” he wrote. He also explains to have received blows to the ankle and the thigh, as well as a discharge of taser in the arm, police asking him ” if it’s sting “, after he ” grabbed the buttocks “. “Rusty and deeply shocked “, Guillaume Vadot has finally decided to bring the case to court. Since “things have accelerated,” noted his lawyer Slim Ben Achour, specifying also have launched a “call for evidence” to potential witnesses of the scene.

IGPN seizure and a complaint against X

A complaint against X – as 20 Minutes was able to review – must be filed Tuesday with the prosecutor of Bobigny for ” abuse of authority “, ” voluntary violence, aggravated “, ” threats “, “public insult” and “theft” (of cigarettes). “I also wish to show that this has happened to me has nothing to do with a highly unusual and isolated “, says Guillaume Vadot.

The complaint ” with plays such as the video that the police intended to destroy, and which establishes the illegal nature of the control “, said the lawyer, will be accompanied by an e-mail to the Defender of Rights. But also a copy for “reporting” addressed to the IGPN was seized on Tuesday by the Paris police prefecture (PP) for an ” administrative investigation “.

This should allow “to identify the officers, the services and see if the facts are proven,” said a police source. Because at this stage, the PP confirms only that a check was made on Thursday evening at the station of Saint-Denis and that audits are in progress. For its part, the public prosecutor of Bobigny stresses that no complaints have yet been received.

” It is locked “

” We don’t have items because we have not started looking for it. But as soon as the complaint has been received, a judicial inquiry will be opened, ” says a source close to the investigation. “We do not have a credible basis on what is being said and therefore on the degree of truthfulness of the facts. For the moment, this is locked “, explains on its side, a police source.

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