Monday, September 26, 2016

Piétonnisation of the banks : the Council of Paris gave the green light – The World

The voie Georges-Pompidou, Paris, during  Paris-Plage, the 3 September.

Ruckus in the bays, cries, reminders of regulations punctuated interruptions of the session… The Council of Paris had been the theatre of a heated debate, Monday, September 26. The elected parisians were asked to validate the final closure to automobile traffic of the voie Georges-Pompidou, on the right bank of the Seine, between the tunnel des Tuileries (1st district) and the port of the Arsenal (4e arrondissement). The groups of the majority – PS, EELV, Left Front, and PRG – voted ” for “, as well as the Left Party. The Republicans, the UDI voted ” against “. The six elected MoDem abstained.

If the adoption of the draft could have been little doubt, the mayor of Paris has made efforts to defend ” a historic decision : the end of an urban motorway in Paris and the reconquest of the river Seine “, is pleased applauding the epilogue of the debate before adjourning.

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Mme Hidalgo has from the outset put forward the arguments of public health. Pollution kills ” 2 500 “ people each year in Paris, she said. the ” The traffic generates two-thirds of the nitrogen dioxide emissions and 56 % of fine particles “, she stressed. In this case, ” why wait ? “, she pleaded.

” Balance sheet impact “

For lester’s demonstration, the mayor of Paris put in before the ” success “ of the closure of the left bank of the Seine, in 2013. This first piétonnisation has allowed ” a 15% decline in emissions of nitrogen dioxide on the site “, , she recalled. the ” similar results are expected on the right bank “, she promised.

Citing a study from the city on the piétonnisation the banks of the right bank, closed to traffic since 20 July, Mme Hidalgo argued that the ” the lengthening of the journey time is lower than studies had predicted “, she added. Mme Hidalgo has promised ” an assessment of the impact “ this close ” within six months “. Paris police Prefect, Michel Cadot was confirmed during the meeting that he would chair a technical committee of monitoring of the effects of this decision with all the public and private players concerned.

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Mme Hidalgo has come under violent attacks of the opposition on his ” lack of consultation “, ” rush ” and, in the end, the ” the contempt of the elect of the suburbs “ in which she had proof, in their eyes, in the conduct of the project. ” You have decided to close a road, that’s what it boils down to your project “, has launched Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, leader of the right in paris. the ” It is forgotten that these are the vehicles that kill, not the road. “ she argued. The former minister of ecology of François Fillon, anxious not to appear as ” pro-car “, has made the passage of the promotion of his ” counter-proposal “ of pietonnisation of the right bank which wants to be more ” progressive “ in the time of Mme Hidalgo.

” Mme Hidalgo, Paris is not the Bucharest of Mme Ceausescu “

other elected members of his group have been equally offensive : ” Mme Hidalgo, Paris is not the Bucharest of Mme Ceausescu “, has launched Pierre Lellouche, elected in the 9e district.

the head of the group UDI-MoDem, Eric Azière preferred humor : ” You take all of the commuters and Parisians who are working for corniauds “, a-t-it launched in reference to the eponymous film by Gérard Oury. the ” You try to make us pass for speeders and it is you who are the foot to the floor in a race against the political calendar “, he ironisé.

The elected environmentalists and first and foremost the assistant to the transport, Christophe Najdovski, welcomed the vote of a project which is in their eyes that the first step of a wider plan of the restriction of the car in Paris. the ” We are working with the restriction of traffic on the rue de Rivoli. But, for the moment, the prefect of police is more than booked, “ recognized a deputy EELV in the corridors of the hotel de ville.

Valérie Pécresse in the line of fire

Without waiting for the final vote, forty elected representatives of the Val-de-Marne, right, for the most part, come to manifest their hostility to the piétonnisation of the right bank, had left the scene, disappointed.

They have not heard, at the beginning of the debate, Mme Hidalgo target violently Valérie Pécresse, the president (The Republicans) of the Ile-de-France, which is hostile to his project. the ” I ask solemnly to the region to focus on its skills and ceasing to hold any powers that the law does not grant them “, has tancé the mayor of Paris. Mme Pécresse, who had lunch Monday with NKM and the elected representatives of the right parisian has not failed, on his side, to castigate the rupture of dialogue of Mme Hidalgo with the region.

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