Friday, September 23, 2016

Attack of Nice : the journey of the town hall in the Vatican controversy – The Parisian

Lorganization of a trip of victims of the attack of 14 July the Vatican by the city of Nice for a papal audience on Saturday gave rise to some criticism, particularly the League of rights of Man and of the elect environmentalists.

A delegation from the city will be the trip in which the president (LR) of the Métropole Nice Côte d’azur, Christian Estrosi, who insists on the non-religious of the papal audience, and the presence of the representatives of all the cults of the department, catholic, jewish, muslim and protestant.

“The elected officials of the Republic, Christian Estrosi, in the present case, therefore, would be allowed to violate shamelessly the principle of secularism, one of the foundations of our Constitution,” critical section “niçoise” of the League of human rights (LDH), contesting the cost to the community. “The victims were of all faiths should we expect soon to finance a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, Mecca or Benares ?”, quips she, in a news release issued Thursday evening.


The elected environmentalists have also criticized the initiative of Mr Estrosi, taken according to them without the notice of the municipal council. “Why go to meet the chief spiritual and temporal, of a religion among those practiced by the victims? There are muslims, jews, protestants, buddhists, and atheists among the victims of this terrorist. The opt out of this type of “consolation” official reports of the muflerie and even provocation”, asks the councillor EELV Juliet Chesnel-The Roux in a statement.

The municipality, with the help of Air France, has chartered two planes to the victims of the attack of 14 July and their relatives, a total of 58 families for which the average cost for the hall has been reduced to 300 euros per person depending on the municipality.

Thirty singers from the opéra de Nice will also be on the trip singing “Nissa la bella”, the anthem of the city. The movement is supported by the city council, she confirmed. The elected officials pay for their flights out of pocket, according to the same source. Three buses are also hired for the indirect victims to which a financial contribution is requested.

The bombing in Nice, on the evening of the fireworks of the national holiday, has been 86 deaths and over 400 injured. Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, Tunisia 31 years of age, was dark in the crowd with a truck. The attack was claimed by the group islamic State for France to fight in Iraq and Syria.

VIDEO. Attack of Nice : the parents of Yannis cling to life


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