Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Dismantling of the migrants ‘ camp : the fear of a “fiasco” – Release

It was fourteen years ago. In the fall of 2002, Nicolas Sarkozy, then minister of the Interior decides to proceed with the closure of the refugee reception centre of Sangatte, which is home to 1,800 people. The operation, conducted with a great deal of communication, will prove to be yet a failure. Scattered, the exiles do not automatically disappear and informal camps reappear quickly in the Calaisis. A precedent that Bernard Cazeneuve, the current tenant of the place Beauvau, had certainly in mind when he announced a few weeks ago his willingness to dismantle the area north of the slums of Calais.

The challenge is : between 7 000 and 10 000 migrants now live in the “jungle”, in conditions of safety and hygiene was catastrophic. For associations such as the elected local representatives, the situation became untenable. Every day, hammer-they, a drama is avoided : the tensions of community within the slum, regular raids of the migrants on the ring road leading to the terminal Eurotunnel…


“We are very supportive of the evacuation, if it is to provide alternative accommodation to the inhabitants of the shanty town, pointe Jean-Claude Lenoir, president of the association Salam. in This can be the honour of France, on condition that everything is well thought-out upstream. On the other hand, it will be a fiasco if it is not prepared.” the ministry of The Interior wishes to proceed to the dismantling of “before the winter”. It is to this end that Bernard Cazeneuve has asked the network of the prefect to mobilize “soon” some 9 000 places of accommodation on the whole of the territory in the centers of welcome and orientation (CAO), the first step before the possible filing of an application for asylum. The region of Auvergne, the Rhone-Alps has, for example, provide 1 405 seats, Occitania 1 091. According to the last count performed at Beauvau, “more than half of the places required have been identified”.

On the other hand, the department remains more discreet on the conditions in which the evacuation will take place. It will take several days and will have hundreds of buses and large forces of police and gendarmerie. It should be preceded by a social diagnosis of the inhabitants of the “jungle”, in which the associations wish to be associated.


Several questions remain to be decided : the orientation towards CAD will-t-she unconditionally ? Among the Afghans, Sudanese, Iraqis who have found refuge in the moor, they are many (from 50% to 80 % depending on the source) to have left their fingerprints in another european country (Italy, Greece, Germany). They are thus part of the european regulation Dublin III, which stipulates that a migrant cannot apply for asylum in his country of first reception. According to our information, the ministry of the Interior would be committed to not to engage in “re-admissions” to these countries, in order to make the operation of dismantling attractive.

it Remains to determine what happens to these people after their one-month stay in the CAO. France will allow them to seek asylum on its territory, expel it, or leave it in a space between the two legal ? This latter possibility could lead very quickly to the formation of camps of fortune in the north of France. As Bernard Cazeneuve does not seem willing to engage in arm-wrestling with the United Kingdom, which has outsourced its border in the French land after the agreements of le Touquet, signed in 2003 by a certain Nicolas Sarkozy, and which blocks any entry of refugees on its soil.

Sylvain Mouillard


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