Arnaud Montebourg, on the plateau of the”Emission policy” Thursday, September 22. – France 2

A week after Nicolas Sarkozy, Arnaud Montebourg, was the guest of ” The political show “ on France 2 on Thursday. His campaign manager, François Kalfon, promised ” proposals décoiffantes on secularism, education “. The hair of Léa Salamé and David Pujadas have, however, very little changed… The socialist presidential candidate in 2017 is mainly just remember its proposals. in 20 Minutes made the point.

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Participation in the primary PS

The question was expected. Arnaud Montebourg will be there in the socialist primaries, or will he be a candidate directly to the presidential ? He confesses to a half-word : “My natural inclination is to go to the primary. I am one of the inventors, or at least I have contributed to this process “, he explained. “But we do not know the conditions in which they will be organised, “wishing rules” fair and equitable “, ” a debate ample “, and “polling” is sufficient.

The national council of the PS in the 2 October should clarify the terms and conditions of the primary…

Fight against european austerity

Arnaud Montebourg has criticised the direction being taken by the european Union. “The EU is not German and Mrs. Merkel is not the director of the european Union “, he insisted. “We have the responsibility to provide an alternative leadership of Europe. The first things is to draw up a memorandum on what kind of Europe we want. Secondly, we need to ally with all those who have been étrillés by austerity, the Italians, the Spanish, the Portuguese, ourselves. We have the means to block the race to austerity “.

To do this, Arnaud Montebourg wants to include the “mutualisation of public debt” and getting rid of the rule to 3 %. The socialist candidate, however, has swept away a possible exit from the Euro or the EU.


Arnaud Monte, he thought as Emmanuel Macron, that the Republic has “a responsibility” in the “potting” of jihadism ?

“I wouldn’t say that, I would say that the Republic has failed to unite his children, and that she must win them back,” replied the candidate for the presidential election.

“For me it is natural for us to reflect on the way in which a part of the youth seceded, compared to France (…) It is a very small, ultraminoritaire. But it is (…) You have a kind of dislocation of the country, it is necessary to remake France”.


Asked about the reception of refugees, Arnaud Montebourg, welcomed the French decision. “The French government has made the effort to accommodate 30,000 people in respect of the distribution of migrants. I believe that it is a duty, that we should not be closing eyes on the problems of these people. “The presidential candidate showed more blur on the distribution of refugees, while some mayors refuse to receive in their community. It will be on a ” voluntary basis “, he estimated.

Asked about the share of refugees that France could once again accommodate, the former minister is not more accurate. “That which we can bear. I do not believe that we can accommodate up to 1 million refugees “.

The return of national service

Arnaud Montebourg is income on its proposal to restore “civic service and military compulsory for all young people” of six months, in order to ” relieve the police “. The proposal of the restoration of the military service is a classic of several presidential candidates, like Nicolas Sarkozy (for school leavers), Jean-François Copé and Marine Le Pen.

The proposal seems to be favored by the French. But the armies no longer have the facilities or the instructors to accommodate the young people. The issue of money is even greater. In 2008, the former minister Luc Ferry was estimated in the report “For a civic service” at about $ 5 billion per year the cost of a mandatory service.

The burkini

Asked about the burkini, Arnaud Montebourg rejected the stigmatization of women who would be : “I do not agree with the burkini because it symbolizes the submission of women, but is it necessary to ban ? “. He is also registered against the proposal of Nicolas Sarkozy, a candidate in the primary to the right, which wants to change the Constitution to legislate against the burkini. “I judge a little curious, wanting to change the French Constitution to a dress-bath “, stressed the socialist who refuses to be called ” rebellious “.

Call of the foot to Nicolas Hulot and Jean-Louis Borloo ?

Arnaud Montebourg, has welcomed Nicolas Hulot, the president of the Foundation works of the islam of France, Jean-Pierre Chevènement, and Jean-Louis Borloo. At first, Arnaud Montebourg, has claimed to have taken back its proposal to invest $ 100 billion over five years in energy savings on public and private buildings. Jean-Louis Borloo, he praised his fight for the electrification of the african continent. Favourable to nuclear power, Arnaud Montebourg attempt to get support from these public figures ?

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