Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Cécile Duflot denies having cheated the Urssaf – The Figaro

The mp Cécile Duflot, questioned in an article in the Duck enchâiné to appear Wednesday for his handling of the dismissals of several employees of the group ecologist at the national Assembly, has refuted categorically Tuesday these accusations. The case goes back to the months of may-June last, when the environmental group of the Assembly has disappeared with the departure of six meps to the socialist group, which has led to the dismissal of a dozen employees.

According to the satirical weekly, Cécile Duflot, who was until then the group had been “decimated the Urssaf of more than 50.000 euros, on a total of 118.500 euros compensation, transactional”. Always according to the Duck, she would have summoned the dismissed one by one to offer them a “settlement agreement” post-dated and by referring to “disagreements” to unlock these extra per diem allowances which are not paid social security contributions. She would have then decided not to pay as much as expected to one of the terminated employees and less than hoped for another, for reasons of chapel policy, according to the weekly.

“Fired in the best conditions”

“We had a tough time with the dissolution of the group (…), we made sure that they are licensed in the best conditions for them. And in the respect of the law, since the entire process has been overseen by a lawyer and by the services of the Assembly, who have the delegation to manage the financial aspects,” said the former minister on Tuesday at the microphone of LCP-Public Sénat. For their part, laid-off workers have denounced in a press release “maneuvers of any kind”, ensuring that their terminations were carried out in strict compliance with the procedures and collective positions”, and emphasizing “listening and personal investing” by Cécile Duflot in this folder.

when Questioned, one of them pointed out that he “learned (his) dismissal on Twitter” and explained that the two employees unhappy evoked by the Canard Enchaîné were immediately rehired within the new socialist group, environmentalists, and republican. Several sources have also assured that in one case, the employee worked for four months to the group, in the other, he was a part-time basis with a lesser remuneration. These layoffs were at the time given rise to the anticipation by the national Assembly of the new rules. The premiums were to be awarded by “former vice-presidents of the environmental group, according to seniority, of rank in the hierarchy…”, a-t-on said Tuesday to the presidency of the Assembly, adding that the bonus was capped at 30,000 euros.

this same source, the funds came from the management association of the environmental group, which is a fund put forward by the Assembly, possibly supplemented by the Assembly, this last procedure being “subject to control”. “If there is evidence of abnormalities of management, the Assembly will act”, it added.


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