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In Lyon, Emmanuel Macron speeds up its true-false campaign and won rallies – The World

Emmanuel Macron in Lyon on the 24th of  September.

Emmanuel Macron continues its march forward. In spite of a call (informal) to boycott, launched by a party of the left, the ex-minister of the economy was unanimous during his visit to the summit of the reformists europeans, held on Saturday 24 September in Lyon by the Institut Montaigne, a think-tank liberal, and by the Gracques, a think tank close to the right wing of the socialist party (PS).

” I prefer to rejoice in the present as to comment on the missing, “, said Mr. Macron at his arrival in the early afternoon at the musée des Confluences, where gathered a hundred academics, business leaders, politicians and association leaders across europe, to discuss the future of the Old continent. Regretting that his coming could cause ” shocks “, it has so far blasted the absent last minute. the ” Where they had not much to say, where they have been subjected to pressure “, he regretted it.

Originally planned in the programme, the european commissioner Pierre Moscovici, the former banker Jean Peyrelevade, the economist Jean Pisani-Ferry, former minister Jean-Louis Borloo, or even the leaders of Terra Nova, a think tank close to the PS, had cancelled their coming, by fear more or less declared to be associated with a meeting of campaign of Mr. Macron. Co-organizer of the event, Gérard Collomb, mayor of Lyon and the support of the weight of the former banker at Rothschild, had denounced ” a true hunting ” against his colt.

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This has not prevented Mr. Macron to gain new rallies. Mep (MoDem), Sylvie Goulard has made no secret, during this conference, his desire to bring ” power “, the name of the movement launched in April by the former protégé of François Hollande. The presence of Mme Goulard had all the more weight as François Bayrou, president of MoDem, slams Mr Macron, held this weekend in her university back in Guidel, in Brittany. Dormant Republicans, the mp Frédéric Lefebvre said he is also interested in the approach of the former tenant of Bercy and ready to work with him. Finally, the ex-minister Renaud Dutreil and Nicole Bricq, already adopted, were also present.

to Give its vision of Europe

as interesting as they were, the high-level talks conducted since the morning at the various round tables, where we could cross Enrico Letta, former Italian president of the council, Pascal Lamy, the former director of the WTO, Hubert Védrine, former foreign affairs minister, Emma Reynolds, member of parliament for Labour in the Uk, Nicole Notat, ex-number 1 of the CFDT, or even economists Gilbert This and Elie Cohen, have been in part overshadowed by the coming of Mr. Macron and by the barnum media that now accompanies during his travels.

Then he said to be in Lyon for ” discussion on the substance “, the former minister of economy, has not participated in any of the round tables, which took place behind closed doors, and spent the first part of the afternoon to give an interview to BFM-TV, and then to respond to the questions of many journalists, during a press conference improvised in the courtyard of the museum. Similarly, Mr. Macron was loaned on several occasions to put in the scene of Cyrille Eldin, host of the “Petit Journal” from Canal +, including the opening plenary session was open to the public.

In a speech of more than half an hour, in late afternoon, a favour of which he was the only one to benefit, Emmanuel Macron, however, attached to give his vision of Europe and to sketch out solutions to try to ‘save’ the Old Continent in the face of ” fear and mistrust “. the ” We must take risks, take responsibility “, has hammered the young mandarin, stigmatizing the succession of european summits, for which he still worked when he worked at the Elysee, which will lead to nothing. the ” We do not discuss most of the major projects we are discussing the words of the press release “, if it is sorry, taking in particular the example of the summit, Bratislava, 16 September, which was to lay the foundation for a refounding of Europe following a Brexit, but that has not led to real advances.

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For a budget of the euro area

Convinced that the european Union (EU) will not be saved without a new membership of the peoples, the almost candidate in the next presidential election has proposed to take advantage of the elections of 2017, in France but also in Germany, to organise ” conventions democratic “ in every european country. Goal : ” Consider and make proposals [in order to] establish a roadmap for the next ten to fifteen years to come “. It could be then submitted to a referendum.

If it is to remain relatively vague as to what it wanted to see in this roadmap, Emmanuel Macron has, however, sketched out some tracks. According to him, the EU needs to conduct a real policy anti-dumping. the ” We need protections for us open to the world “, he stated. Taking the example of imports of chinese steel at knock-down prices, against which he fought when he was in Bercy, Mr. Macron has been estimated that Brussels ” doesn’t respond fast enough, does not impose tariffs high enough “, in contrast to the United States.

similarly, the former minister has advocated for a ” euro zone budget “, because ” a currency without a budget is doomed to failure “. It is, according to him, the only way to get a recovery investment in Europe, while Germany is still reluctant to devote its structural surpluses, and even if the stability pact obligation. Finally, the former minister pleaded for the establishment of a ” european funds for defence “. the ” We must be determined in the short term and optimistic long term “, he concluded.

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Remained at Lyons after the end of the summit, Mr Macron had to attend at the end of the day, at a meeting with members of his movement In motion !. Engaged in a race against the clock to structure his party before the presidential and parliamentary elections, especially at local level, the ex-right arm of François Hollande has already raised 2 million euros of donations to fund his campaign, according to Christian Dargnat, ceo of BNP Paribas, and treasurer of power up !, this in Lyon.

enough to allow Emmanuel Macron to go fast : Arnaud Montebourg, one of his possible rivals, said a few days ago did not have for the moment got only 60 000 euros of donations. Similarly, the former minister said, on the sidelines of his visit, that he would make three meetings in October, Strasbourg (4), le Mans (11) and Montpellier (18), in order to present its ” diagnostics “ of France. Mr. Macron walking, and soon.


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