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“Shirt ripped off” Air France : the trial of a “collective trance” – The World

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The images of these two men, faces haggard and torsos bare, trying to escape a pack in anger have made the world tour. It was on October 5, 2015, at the headquarters of Air France at Roissy airport, where hundreds of protesters had been gathered together at the call of the trade union organisations to protest against a plan for massive job cuts. Some of them were entered by force into the room where stood a central committee of company.

Exfiltrés, the two directors of human resources, Pierre Plissonnier and Xavier Roseta had escaped by climbing over a grid. Captured from all angles by television cameras and mobile phones, these images have been disseminated and repeated ad nauseum, Tuesday, September 27, in front of the correctional court of Bobigny (Seine-Saint-Denis), which considers fifteen trade union activists for ” degradations “ and ” violence in a meeting “.

The first facts are established and undisputed : that morning, a dozen protesters with their faces clearly identifiable shaking a gate which closes the access to the headquarters of the company, the hinges give way and the crowd rushes.

The latter have occupied the major part of the discussions, none of the defendants not wanting to bear the criminal responsibility, nor assume the heavy burden moral of this scene of ‘collective trance ” in the words of one witness, who is shot dead for long minutes on the two HRD, continued under the insults in a first room, and then in a second, before being trapped along the grid, shirts torn off, sheltering as best as they could of the shots struck them in their backs.

” I touched the collar, it is all “

” I touched the collar, it is all things, that he turns around and to talk to him “, said one, implicated by the testimony of a security officer, while another, faced with an image capture, admits only that his labour ” is a party in that direction, ” to protect and not to hit, he says.

this hearing is bumpy and messy, which is held under high police surveillance – clusters of CRS were keeping watch outside on the demonstration of support was organised by the trade unions, others are used to filter the input of the public and acquired for the defendants – Pierre Plissonnier and Xavier Roseta have offered the only moment of dignity.

With the same words chosen, they spoke of feelings of’ ‘humiliation’ and ” degradation “ felt after the dissemination of these images – the ” 1.7 billion views in the world “, said Stone Plissonnier. the ” It was a form of lynching “, he said.

But when one of the judges assesseures asks him if it is ” saw the death “, the answer falls, net : ” No, sincerely no. “Xavier Roseta evades with the same modesty, the question he is asked about the effect of these few minutes of violence on her life : ” The time has done its work “ he breathed.

Neither of the two men has not designated his assailants and they do not intend to further do so at the hearing. the ” I have been joined by security guards and doubtless also by protesters, ” says Peter Plissonnier. The images of crowd hate replaced, suddenly that two men were standing and without retribution.

Closing arguments Wednesday, September 28.

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