Thursday, September 22, 2016

When Christine Boutin is taken to Bernadette Soubirous ! – The Point

good catholic, Christine Boutin direct line with the Great Architect. Coming out to confess it, God spoke to him : “Brother Jacques has just come to my side.” Sister Christine felt invested with a mission. It is mounted the pulpit to proclaim the bad news. But it has neither a cathedral nor a church to speak to his people. Its chapel is deserted to the point of looking like an oratory of which only the walls resonate. Then, mother Boutin used his fingers stiff, to announce urbi et orbi the sad news. On Twitter she wrote :

Hay of compassion, christian charity, of respect due to the sick or suffering : the enlightened wanted to spread the word of god. We, poor mortals, unfortunately we don’t the 06 of God. Impossible therefore to know if the founder of the christian democratic Party played the prophets or false prophets. It took the family Chirac cracks of a press release for it to be understood that Christine Boutin had committed a capital sin. “In what world does one live where one is compelled to recall these fundamental principles of humanity and respect ?” blasted Frédéric Salat-Baroux, former secretary-general of the Elysée palace when Chirac was president, and husband of Claude Chirac.

For this shamelessness, Christine Boutin deserves hell… as much as 24 hours after committing this tweet, she has not retracted and has not withdrawn such hurtful words. The mass is said : errare humanum est, perseverare diabolicum.


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