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Nicolas Sarkozy : the revelations “devastating” Patrick Buisson – The Point

Its name is synonymous with betrayal. In 2007, Nicolas Sarkozy had made him his adviser for access to Elysium. Seven years later, The Point revealed the unfair practices of Patrick Buisson, author of a series of records of the president without the knowledge of the latter when he was working at 55, rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré. In the midst of the campaign of the primary from the right, the former director of Minute, today repudiated, comes from a long silence with the Cause of The people, a lengthy book of 464 pages with a provocative title.

Back in September 2014. Invited to the news of 20 hours of France 2, the ex-head of State speaks frankly about his former mentor : “In my life, I have known betrayals. But just like Patrick Bush… (He pauses) Rarely… ” At the time, the party concerned, who abstains from any comment, prefers to forget about it. Later, he would declare : “I admit the breach, but why the disrobes of the shame ? “He sees in this the closet as a political strategy. Neither more nor less. “Sarkozy knows that the presence of Marine Le Pen in the second round of the next presidential is acquired, and it therefore throws the line a Bush to the garbage can of history. My utility becomes zero. “

” I’m not Valerie Trierweiler “

The tribunal de grande instance of Paris condemns quickly the journalist – already put in a review in the case of the surveys of the Elysium – to pay 20 000 euros to Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni for the infringement of the private life, but also and especially because he has acted without the “consent” of the ex-president, to be a ” manifestly unlawful “. Patrick Buisson will take care to indicate that only the cheque in the name of the first lady has been cashed in…

Since the end of the quinquennium 2007-2012, publishing houses, among which Albin Michel, approaching this precious witness. Up here silent, he decided to substitute the pen to the word, gives himself a year to write a book for a long time kept secret, and removing the title, thumbing his nose manifest to the maoists. The manuscript landed, finally, editions Perrin, with the sub-title sour “The history banned from the presidency to Sarkozy” and for line : “I’m not Valerie Trierweiler “. Far from having given birth to a ” chronic malicious “, the former advisor to book here reflections and anecdotes. Not found in the Cause of The people any information that could bring anyone to justice. At least for this time. Because, according to The Express, who acquired the collection in exclusivity, this reserve today is undoubtedly ” warning for tomorrow.”

Answer’s minimalist Nicolas Sarkozy on September 26, on Europe 1 : “It didn’t interest me at all. “

About the companion of the candidate, Patrick Buisson writes : “[Carla] has had a political role as significant, and a role on Nicolas Sarkozy, for the intimate private function. “To his own subject, he said :” If I have everything recorded, so this is what I’m saying is true. “From the prologue, the author justifies his conduct in a plea interminable eleven-page :” The recording of some important meetings for me, was the guarantee of being able to have a verbatim faithful and to do my job by providing the arguments and the elements of language most appropriate for them. [...] And, if there were well-thought out, Nicolas Sarkozy would have had far less reasons to formalize our collaboration I hadn’t pulled the material of a work to be hot, as it went on a large number of his advisers and his ministers in the year that followed his defeat. “

youth exploited

One of the revelations of this story regarding the protests against the CPE in 2006, which sees him who is still minister of the Interior oppose the Prime minister, Dominique de Villepin. it must face the revolt of the youth because of a contract supposed to promote their entry into the world of work. One of the demonstrations on 26 march, ends in riots at the Invalides, Paris. “For Nicolas Sarkozy, the Disabled were the equivalent of Austerlitz to Napoleon Bonaparte, written by Patrick Buisson (…) At least if you believe the story he loved to tell in small committee : We had taken the decision to leave bands of blacks and beurs assaulting the White youth, the Disabled persons, while informing photographers of Paris Match the likelihood of serious incidents. “

” We trembled at the idea that there can be a serious injuries. But, at the bottom, it was worth it to endure for half a day sarcasm of the media, ” added Mr Sarkozy, according to the former director of Minute. Mr. Bush also made to say, during a manifestation anti-CPE : “We will leave (the goons) to do their shopping at Darty and Go Sport. “The minister of the Interior was then appeared on the scene,” proud to show to what point he knew the situation in the face of a Prime minister caught up in a confrontation of death with youth “.

” common values with the FN “

Patrick Buisson is also on ” the relations of Nicolas Sarkozy with the national Front “. From the beginning to the end of their collaboration, the historian asserts that the position of his ex-mentor regarding the FN has not changed. “The values of the national Front are those of all the French ; it is the way in which the FN says that is shocking. The French don’t like dishes too spiced which prevail in the mouth “, is said to have thrown the former president at a meeting in 2005. Then, in 2012, is taking against François Fillon referred to “the incompatibility of values” between the FN and the right republican, the president-candidate, asks : “What is this that he says, Fillon ? Of course, that we have common values with the FN.

One thing remains certain : Patrick Bush will not engage in the game of 20 and 27 November. He who has made the policy analysis, its fad will not go not even to the polls during the primary. The presidential election falls to him of the enigma, the mystery. It is unclear as to who will win. This book will be his only commitment at the moment. The result, writes The Express, is ” devastating “.


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