Monday, September 26, 2016

“My blood boils more and more”: a Toulouse tells his aggression – The Express

It bears witness with his guts. It is on Facebook as Priscilla Boh, a Toulouse-based 37-year-old has chosen to tell the assault to the gender in which it would have been a victim last Tuesday, at around 23: 30, in the middle of the street. When she comes out of a grocery store at night after attending a concert, the young woman is challenged by three men in the Saint-Michel district. “Good evening princess”, “Hello bella,” he starts them. “I ignore them. Obviously, it is bothering them,” recalls Priscilla, whose message Facebook has been shared more than 66,000 times.

Three-month recovery

one of The three men then attacks verbally on his physical. Prisca, disgusted, decides to replicate. “I turn around and come back to see them, asking dryly repeating”, written for the young woman. The tone rises rapidly and one of the men ends up him land a kick to the face. “I knocked brutally against a railing of iron, and I collapse to the ground, cheek red and swollen, and the lip open. And… The wrist completely farted,” says Prisca, who must undergo an operation in an emergency. Three months of convalescence will be necessary to recover.

On Facebook, the latter publishing a photo of herself on a hospital bed, the arm is immobilized in a splint.

“The fear must change sides”

in Addition to the narrative of the assault, Priscilla Boh take his message to Facebook to push a violent rant. “The two days that I chiale my race. I chiale of this latest aggression, humiliation, because I am simply a WOMAN. So here I am almost 37 years old. It is now almost 25 years I suffered such crap in all genres: verbal abuse, humiliation, multiple, sexual harassment, morale, street or at work, physical violence, rape. And I could go on…”, lists a-t-it.

Priscilla Boh, who says “the end”, is deeply shocked by what she has lived. “The anger, the rage, I have it, I live with it every day, but I go up a notch with each new event of this style. My blood boils more and more. I come away once again traumatized, emptied [...] Nevertheless, I am proud to be a woman and my/our struggle will continue for as long as needed. The fear must change sides,” she continued.

According to La Dépêche du Midi, Priscilla Boh has not filed a complaint following the assault. The young woman also declined all requests for interviews made by the regional daily newspaper.


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