Sunday, September 25, 2016

Two guards assaulted by inmates at the prison of Valencia, Le Figaro

Three prisoners wearing balaclavas assaulted him and stolen the keys of supervisors of the penitentiary centre of Valencia before triggering many fires.

Three inmates in the central area of the penitentiary centre of Valencia, in the Drome region, have attacked guards in back of walk and stole their keys this Sunday at 18: 30. Wounded and shocked, the two supervisors were conducted at the centre hospitalier de Valence where they were taken care of psychologically. The mutineers have opened several cells in this area and have caused fires that did not spread to setting fire to mattresses, according to the prefecture of the Drôme.

The prisoners have also broken all the cctv cameras that complicate the work of the authorities, according to the Dauphiné Libéré. No details have been provided by the authorities on the number of prisoners who then joined three fellow-prisoners.

According to Jean-François Foret, a trade unionist in the Ufap-Unsa prison, all the mutineers “are serving a long sentence,” and one of them has already tried to escape, he said at the microphone of BFM TV. A crisis cell had been opened. The situation has finally been brought under control to 22h35 announced by the minister of Justice Jean-Jacques Urvoas on Twitter and the reintegration of the prisoners in the cells could begin, according to BFM TV.

This mutiny took place a few days after that of the prison of Vivonne. Still the prisoners had stolen the keys to the supervisor and had set fire to a building.


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