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Christine Boutin is justified after announcing incorrectly the death of Jacques Chirac – The World

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Christine  Boutin, Paris, April 2012.

Christine Boutin will never learn from his mistakes. Brocardée by the twittosphère on several occasions for his lack of discernment on the sites of news parody, the ex-minister of housing has recurred in the incongruity in 140 characters announcing this morning the death of Jacques Chirac, but not confirmed.

” Death of #Chirac “

The rise of a rumour morning announcing the death of Jacques Chirac absorbs the journalists in a verification exercise of scrutiny. The confirmation does not come from nowhere : or relatives of the former president, nor the ministry of the interior, which announces that Jacques Chirac is still alive. Only four tweets to relay the rumor, with precautions and the use of the conditional. Suddenly, Christine Boutin burst on the timelines, announcing without any form : “Death of #Chirac “.

Soon after, the insults of the internet raining down on the councillor of the département of Yvelines. Several people ask him to delete his tweet, others are speaking out for the disrespect that she has proof. Still others wonder with a sense of humor, if “Chirac” is not simply the name of his goldfish, or a reference to the character of Patrick Chirac in the movie ” Camping “, interpreted by Franck Dubosc.

” This tweet sober is the mark of my respect “

One thing is certain : Christine Boutin has tweeted without waiting for official confirmation, triggering outrage over the hashtag #Chirac. At this point, Frédéric Salat-Baroux, son-in-law of the former president, had to make a statement to the AFP to request the respect of the tranquility of Jacques Chirac.

Contacted by The World, Christine Boutin, has agreed to explain his tweet. the ” The information was given to me by a source I deem reliable. I have given it because I think that the French are waiting for, proof is the buzz that it has generated “, she defends herself, saying that she did not wish to respond to the buzz in order to ” respect the wishes of the family of Jacques Chirac “. Moreover, she explained that ” this tweet sober is the brand [his] mourning and [his] respect.


It is not the first time that Christine Boutin slips, accustomed to take for granted what she finds in the vast world of the internets without checking the veracity. In 2014, she was ridiculed on BFM-TV, citing a tweet from the Gorafi with the hope of hitting a great shot. In may 2016, she lodged a complaint for defamation against – another site parody – who claimed that she had stated ” that the child victims assaulted by priests should also be punished, “. Not learning anything from its mistakes, it is still by Nordpresse she fooled the 21 July last. While in a new hoax, the site evokes the desire of the government to cancel the presidential election because of State of emergency, Christine Boutin has spoken out against the announcement in a new tweet that he will permanently lose its ” tweet credibility “.

apart from the coldness of which Christine Boutin has shown by announcing incorrectly the death of Jacques Chirac, with as much nonchalance, it is the result of its liability to user a finding that it cannot be too repeat : Christine Boutin is not a reliable source.


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