Thursday, September 22, 2016

Police belgian lodge of migrants in France, Cazeneuve calls the ambassador – The World

The case of the two police officers, belgian arrested Tuesday 20 September at the franco-belgian border so that they placed 13 migrants at the edge of a country road, on the French territory, has led to a slight diplomatic incident. The minister of the interior, Bernard Cazeneuve, has called Wednesday, the ambassador of Belgium to ” ask for explanations “. Mr. Cazeneuve had ” expressed his displeasure to his counterpart in belgium soon [Wednesday] morning, “ and ” the message is past “ according to the ministry of the interior, who did not wish to detail the content of the interview.

The two police officers belgians had been arrested by the French police, on Tuesday evening at Nieppe (North), a border town, at the wheel of one of their vans in which were thirteen migrants, including three minors, from afghanistan and iraq, that they came to lodge in the open countryside. The two policemen were released in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday after having been ” agreed freely as witnesses to the office of Armentières “, said the prefecture of the North.

” Not in accordance with the customary practices “

The migrants had been discovered by the belgian police of Ypres, in West Flanders, after being taken out of a truck party in France, which they thought would lead them to Calais, where they planned to join the England. The police belgians would have then renewed in France ” but without following the readmission procedure, which should inform the authorities “, according to a police source to the AFP. This decision of the belgian is ” not conform to the usual practice of labour between the France and Belgium “, confirmed that the prefecture of the North.

The commissioner of Ypres, Georges Aeck, had explained on Wednesday at the RTBF : ” It was renewed [the migrants] because we didn’t want to leave them here, directly on the road and let them walk to go to the border. So we have re (…) in the direction where they wanted to go. “

The three migrant minors have been placed in homes. Five others were the subject of an obligation to leave French territory and five have been released. They had previously been placed in administrative detention, the time to review their situation.

The incident comes at a time when the government is preparing for the dismantling of the camp of migrants in Calais, where are piled up nearly 7,000 migrants, according to the ministry of the interior (9 000 according to associations).

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