Friday, September 23, 2016

For Arnaud Montebourg, “the Republic failed to unite his children” – The Point

the former minister of The Economy Arnaud Montebourg on Thursday ruled on France 2 as part of the young French had ” seceded “, and that the attacks jihadists demonstrated that the Republic has ” failed to join her children and she must win them back “. The ex-minister, would he, as his successor, Emmanuel Macron, that the Republic has “a responsibility” in the “potting” of jihadism ? “I wouldn’t say that, I would say that the Republic has failed to unite his children, and that she must win them back,” replied the candidate for the presidential election. “For me, it is natural for us to reflect on the way in which a part of the youth seceded from France. [...] It is a very small, ultraminoritaire. But it does exist. [...] You have a sort of dislocation of the country, it is necessary to remake France “, further explained Arnaud Montebourg, for which “the school failed” and ” the social elevator no longer works “.

Faced with the mayor of Cannes David Lisnard (LR), which has made this summer a decree prohibiting the wearing of uniforms of bath islamic in its common, Arnaud Montebourg explained that it ” désapprouv[has] the burkini, because it symbolizes the submission of women “. But, ” for a dress of bath, we are going to change the French Constitution ? I found it a little curious, ” he added, in reference to a suggestion from former president Nicolas Sarkozy. “I think it is normal for the Republic to enforce when it applies the law,” he said, recalling that the Council of State had annulled a decree banning the wearing of the burkini.

” islam, like any religion, is compatible with the Republic, provided that it complies with the principles and the laws, ” said Arnaud Montebourg. “You are going to allow the veil in the street, but as soon as the beach is prohibited. This is incomprehensible. So you’re going to have a sort of secularism which shows the finger, so that we could be inclusive, ” he concluded. Echoing proposals of the essayist Hakim El Karoui, Arnaud Montebourg has said that he is favourable to the construction of an “islam français” freed from all tutelage and foreign, with at its head an ” imam of France “.

The France as an ” ally “

the former minister of The Economy Arnaud Montebourg on Thursday ruled on France 2 that France was to be a “power of balance and dialogue,” and that the entry of France into the western coalition in Iraq in September 2014 was ” maybe a bad idea “. “France must be allied, but not aligned. [...] This is a war [the Iraq war] that has led us to be belligerent well before the attacks. [...] Maybe it was a bad initiative, but now we need to go to the end, “explained the presidential candidate, stressing that it was now not a question of “remove” because it is necessary ” now to eradicate Daech and the group islamic State “.

” We went into Iraq in September 2014. [...] At the time, we would have been able to take diplomatic initiatives [...] and try to find a solution between Iran and saudi Arabia, because the case of the group islamic State [...] must be processed first by the Arabs themselves. The shia and the sunni must find a solution to the unrest in which by themselves have a responsibility, ” he developed. Arnaud Montebourg has also emphasised the need to have a “sustained dialogue with the Russian” order of work ” a peace plan and an exit plan of iraq and syria “. To do this, the eu sanctions against Russia ” must be lifted “, because they are a ” secondary objective compared to the priority of dealing with the problem Daech “. The ex-minister finally held that, if the operation Serval in Mali was a “good operation” in Libya, France had the responsibility ” to have allowed the spread of the jihadist terrorism in the sahel “.


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