Saturday, September 24, 2016

France will not be a country “camps” of migrants, replica Hollande to the right – The World

president Hollande meets migrants at the  reception centre and orientation of the Towers, on  the 24th of September.

France will not be a country that ” where there will be encampments “ of migrants, has assured François Hollande, Saturday, September 24, in reply to criticism from the right on the risk of a multiplication of ” mini-Calais “ following the dismantling announced in the ” jungle “.

” Our desire is to dismantle Calais fully and to be able to have centres of welcome and orientation [CAD] throughout the whole of the territory “, said the head of State during a visit to one of these centers, housed in a university residence Towers, to two days of his trip to Calais. In total, 140 CAD have been created for time in 80 departments to accommodate approximately 9 000 migrants from Calais following the dismantling of the camp of the ” jungle “.

” We make sure to accommodate humanely, with dignity of the people who are going to make their application for asylum. Those who will assert that right will therefore be in a process of integration “, and other ” will be put [to the border]. This is the rule and they know it perfectly well “, recalled the head of State. the ” in France, this is not a France where one will find camps (…) It can’t be in France of the camps “, he added to the address of those who, as the acting chairman of the Republicans Laurent Wauquiez, brandish the threat of a multiplication of ” mini-Calais “.

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eighty thousand asylum-seekers

” This has been for too long an easy solution that also has been engaged there for many years “, said Mr. Holland. Taking without to quote Nicolas Sarkozy, has put into question those that have signed agreements, such as those of le Touquet in 2003, establishing the british frontier on the French soil, and that ” today would like the challenge “. the ” We will dismantle not a camp without solutions. If not, it is irresponsibility “, he also criticized, in reference to the conditions in which Sangatte was dismantled at the end of 2002, while Nicolas Sarkozy was interior minister.

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” I have confidence in my country, I know what he is capable of doing because we have a limited number of asylum-seekers, 80 000 “, he argued, recalling that Germany played host to a million. According to him, France ” is able to be worthy, to be human and at the same time to be responsible, because we have clear rules “.

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