Thursday, September 22, 2016

False alert in Paris: two teenagers aged 16 and 14-year in review – Le Figaro

Two teenagers aged 16 and 14 have been indicted for their alleged involvement in a false alarm which had triggered a huge counter-terrorism operation Saturday in Paris, said today the prosecutor’s office in Paris.

The two minors were put in examination for telephone calls malicious disclosure of false information in order to make us believe that the destruction of dangerous, denunciation of imaginary crime, identity theft, computer hacking and voluntary violence in a meeting, said the prosecutor. They have been placed in a home education. A high-school student in the second, D. , 16 years old, was arrested Monday in Vitry-le-François (Marne). It is believed to be one of the two hackers who hacked the telephone line of the church of Saint-Leu, in the parisian district of les Halles, to call the police and make them believe that a hostage situation was underway in the building.

in School in third, M., 14 years old, was arrested in Lozère Tuesday, is suspected of having participated in the operation. The two boys seem to know only on social networks. The second hacker, that you hear in the phone call to the police, is still being sought. To the investigators of the major crime unit, D. was recognized to be the person hiding under the nickname “Tylers Swatting” and be involved in the facts, indicated to the AFP a source close to the investigation. It is also believed “to be behind other false alerts sent out in September and aimed at colleges, high schools and other public places, such as department stores, pointed out this source.

The phone call, spent a Saturday in the middle of the afternoon, had sparked a major police operation, with the intervention of the men of the Brigade research and intervention (BRI). The area had been cordoned off and local residents evacuated or confined. Via the smartphone app SAIP (System alerts and information to the population), the authorities had even issued a message “church – warning attack”. On a background of a threat unprecedented in France and two months after the murder of a priest in full mass by two jihadists in a church of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray (Seine-Maritime), the operation of the forces of order had created a major uproar, particularly on social networks, before the alert is quickly raised.

the Two protagonists of the hoax, using the pseudonyms “Tylers Swatting” and “Zakhaev Yamaha”, were staged on the social networks, the first claiming to have “done the worst swat”, making move “of the helicopters, and the government, 50 car (sic) of cops”. The next day, they had claimed their action, saying “find the buzz”.

The “swatting”, which takes its name from the police department Swat (american equivalent of the GIGN), is a hoax call, which is to move the units response to a false emergency. A technique already used by the hacker French-israeli Gregory Chelli, alias Ulcan, in which the two teens are said to be admirers. The minister of the Interior Bernard Cazeneuve announced on Monday that the State was going to be a civil party to “seek redress,” adding that “an assessment of the financial loss” had been requested.

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