Friday, September 23, 2016

Macron at the closing session of a summit of the reformists european” Saturday – The Parisian

Etot Macron will participate Saturday in Lyon at a “summit of the reformers of europe”, planned for several months, but that took like a support meeting since his resignation from Bercy and his possible candidacy for the presidential election.
The mayor of Lyon, Gérard Collomb, the host of this symposium, for the paper to “regain confidence”, dismisses the idea of a launch pad for the campaign of the ex-minister, while denouncing the “hunt and Macron” and “hot wire” of the Elysée palace, mentioned in the press, to deter some guests, French or foreign, to participate in the meeting.
“Peter Mandelson, Matteo Renzi, Jean-Louis Borloo, Daniel Cohn-Bendit and François Bayrou have declined for matters of agenda, but others have done it under the pressure”, says one in the entourage of the senator of the Rhône, a staunch support for a nomination of Mr. Macron in 2017.
Some have also stopped coming to Lyon not to join a “meeting” of the former minister, like the european commissioner Pierre Moscovici, or the think tank Terra Nova (close to PS).
“The origin of the meeting in Lyon is Gérard Collomb, who invited with the Gracques”, a reflection group is located at the right of the PS, says one in the entourage of the former minister.
“It has never been a meeting or a support element (Mr Macron). After that, there has been an over-reaction collective”, adds it. “There was pressure on some. This is not glorious”.
Saturday afternoon at the musée des Confluences, Mr. Macron will be speaking in the closing session of the summit organized by The Gracques and the Montaigne Institute, a circle of liberal state-run, in partnership with other think tanks in the uk (Policy Network), Italian (Astrid) and German (Das progressive Zentrum).
Has its sides will be the member of the european parliament Sylvie Goulard (MoDem) that will the congress of his party, the former Spanish minister of foreign Affairs Ana Palacio (popular Party, right) and the secretary of State to the presidency of the Italian Council, Claudio de Vincenti (democratic Party, centre-left).
Unless defections at the last minute, will also participate in the discussions the writer Eric Orsenna, economist Elie Cohen, the CEO of Vinci Xavier Huillard, the industrial Alain Merieux, former director of the WTO Pascal Lamy, the former minister Hubert Védrine, the former secretary general of the CFDT, Nicole Notat and the mp Frédéric Lefebvre (LR). The former president of the Italian Council Enrico Letta will also be present.
The capital of the Gauls, who had already rolled out the red carpet to the minister of the Economy in June after the launch of his movement, running!, is then expected to host a meeting of Emmanuel Macron “5,000 people” in the fall, according to Mr. Collomb.


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