Sunday, September 25, 2016

Macron is the full Lyon – The Point

the auditorium of The musée des Confluences was packed, it was therefore necessary to open a second room and set up a live broadcast. Despite it all, a hundred people are still standing at the entrance. Rarely, a european conference with a theme as vague as “confidence” has attracted so much interest. It was necessary to seek in the participants at the closing of the summit, the explanation of this eagerness : Emmanuel Macron.

If the presence of the former minister of the Economy has attracted the crowds to the top of the reformists europeans held in Lyon Gérard Collomb, the Gracques, the Montaigne Institute and the think-tanks british Policy Network, Italian Astrid and German Das Progressive Zentrum, it has also dissuaded some large participants. The Italian president Matteo Renzi, the German Sigmar Gabriel, Pierre Moscovici, Jean Pisani-Ferry, Jean Peyrelevade, Jean-Louis Borloo, the leaders of the think tank Terra Nova have declined more or less recently the invitation.


Gérard Collomb, power, inviting, has made no secret of the “pressures” exerted by Solferino and the Elysium on the guests socialists. Emmanuel Macron, has advanced some of the employment constraints of the time : “Clearly, there have been fluctuations around this event planned for several months, but there has been constraints in terms of agenda “, he assured, confident that Sigmar Gabriel and Matteo Renzi had personally notified of their incapacity. He is amused, however, other breakage less motivated : “other responsible, instead the French are disengaged. Why ? Either that, or they had not much to say. Or they are subjected to pressure and agree to undergo the pressure. This is not serious. “

Jean-Louis Borloo, himself, expected to be on the program the day before the opening of the summit, provided a word of apology from New York. If the leaders of the PS has been absent, Emmanuel Macron welcomed in contrast to the presence in the discussions of figures from the right, as the mp LR Frédéric Lefebvre. “It is a pragmatic and constructive. We worked together on the law on growth and activity, Frédéric Lefebvre had worked in this spirit of constructive and imaginative. He had a lot proposed. I am delighted that free men like Frédéric Lefebvre adhere to our approach. “

The homing of Renaud Dutreil

It was praised as the approximation made by Renaud Dutreil, several times minister under Jacques Chirac : “I am very honored that someone as Renaud Dutreil is committed, join us and convince in with this initiative. “He sees his movement, running !, launched now there are six months, as ” a political force that today has nothing to envy to many political parties, and even the largest and most historic “.

the leader of The running ! was also able to test their popularity among the elected socialist local, parliamentary, legislative candidates, borough mayors, deputy to Gérard Collomb, who had moved for the occasion. But also with the public of the museum with which he has not hesitated to bend to the ritual of selfies. He has even been approached by a couple of married franco-african come pose for a photo session in the framework of the museum. “Emmanuel, we love you. Look, that’s it, France !”, they started, exchanging a kiss, to the former minister, ravi.


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