Monday, September 26, 2016

Saint-Denis : a teacher of the Sorbonne will file a complaint for “assault” against police officers – The Parisian

Il should file a complaint on Tuesday. Having been “insulted”, and received a blow to tasers for police officers on Thursday evening, a teacher from the Sorbonne denounced on Monday evening during a press conference to have been “assaulted”. Its wrong ? Having filmed “the arrest of a black woman” in Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis). According to the website information online Mediapart, in addition to the complaint, the teacher-researcher should take the human rights Defender.

Guillaume Vadot, 28 years old, said to have been a witness, at the exit of the RER D, “the arrest of a black woman” by police officers. According to him, the woman “heaved shrill cries of pain because of the handcuffs”, for what he interpreted to be, originally, a “problem ticket”. He then decides to film the scene using his mobile phone. It is here that he tells is to be found “nose-to-nose with a police officer”, who informs him that he will proceed to “identity checks”. This scene was first described anonymously on the account Facebook of a lecturer from the Sorbonne. The story, censored by the social network, has since been taken over on a blog on Mediapart

Guillaume Vadot said to have been then secured against the door by police officers who, according to him, were “insulting” and threatened to “kill”. He said that he had received blows in particular to the ankle and the thigh, as well as a discharge of taser in the arm, police asking him “if it was stealing”. It also made reference to “unwanted touching and repeated the buttocks”, reports the “Liberation”. Before his release, one of the police officers took care of the”delete the two videos” that the teacher had taken, he continued.

when Questioned, the prefecture of police (PP) has confirmed that a control had been performed that evening. “Checks are underway to verify if the facts as described can correspond to this arrest,” she added. “If necessary, the police will seize the IGPN (general Inspectorate of the national police, editor’s NOTE) to shed light on the circumstances”, stated the PP.

Saying not to have wanted to complain, to not have to do with the office which are attached to the agents which, according to him, assaulted him, Guillaume Vadot said a visit to a doctor. “What happened is in my opinion banal. What is not banal, it is that it happened to me to me”, said the teacher.

Monday, the teacher spoke in the offices of the Viiith arrondissement of paris to his lawyer Slim Ben Achour, but also of his thesis director in Paris-I Panthéon-Sorbonne and Alain Krivine, figure of the NPA and founder of the revolutionary communist League (LCR), says “Release” on its website. He hopes to find the woman hindered. Its board has discussed “a desire of police to destroy any evidence of a control that is illegal”.


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