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After the death of a jogger, the justice in no hurry to accuse the green algae – Release

The record of green algae poisoning of more the Britain. The death of a jogger on 8 September in the bay of Saint-Brieuc, and especially the request for the exhumation by the prosecutor of the prefecture of Côtes d’armor fifteen days after the death, in a new and dramatic illustration.

on This day, Jean-René Auffray, 50 years old, had gone running with his dog on the banks of the Gouessant before being discovered, lifeless, and buried in a mudflat at the mouth of the river by members of his family. The fire brigade which put his body on the bank will not be able to revive him. Very quickly, the prosecutor of Saint-Brieuc concluded that it was a cardiac arrest due to exhaustion and allow the burial. The jogger would “silted in trying to save his dog,”, itself a halt. the “He had to make a physical effort which, after his effort in sports, has led to a cardiac arrest”, adds a magistrate, dismissing any doubt about the cause of death.

“Denial of any investigation.”

Small details that are disturbing, it is in the same area, in the municipality of Hillion, 36 wild boars were found dead during the summer of 2011. After several weeks, the national Agency for food safety (Anses) had pointed out the green algae in putrefaction which produce hydrogen sulfide, a gas that is potentially deadly, considering that they were the most “highly likely” of the death of the animals.

However, after the death of the rider, this hypothesis is rejected by the justice who does not consider it necessary to do a blood test. the “The presence of green algae has not been seen around the body of the victim”, then tells Patrick Lewden, deputy prosecutor. It was counting without the vigilance of the associations for the defense of the environment, the Safeguarding of the Treg and Stop the tides green head, which never fail to make the connection between this death and the death of wild boars. the “The absence of an autopsy and the denial of any investigation appear to us to be incomprehensible”, write. To the extent that, even if the green algae that washes up on the strike are systematically collected, the mouth of the Gouessant is known to be covered in vases mixed with algae likely to cause pockets of hydrogen sulfide.

“firefighters are the only ones not to have felt nothing…”

taking their own measures, associations are discovering that levels of the deadly gas that can reach 360 ppm (parts per million) in the area where Jean-René Auffray died. the “at this dose, it does not die in a minute, but in the ensuing struggle to free himself for several minutes, it can be fatally asphyxiated”, emphasizes Yves-Marie Le Lay, president of the Safeguarding of the Tregor, who was surprised, also, that, according to the public prosecutor, the rescuers have detected no suspicious smell. the “The firemen are the only ones not to have felt nothing…” says he.

defenders of the environment, this new case is especially tragic repetition of the same scenario, where public authorities continue to rule out a possible liability of green algae that could cause “the farming lobby breton”, of which the abundant use of fertilizers nitratés has been identified by scientists as the main cause of the phenomenon.

“an Entire economic system to protect”

“whether it’s the death in 2009 of Thierry Morfoisse, died after being transported from green algae and that the blood sample had been kept in a cupboard at room temperature, becoming unusable, or death in a few seconds of a horse Vincent Small on the beach of Saint-Michel-en-Grève, of which there was an urgent need to send the corpse to the rendering without analysis, it’s always the same thing, is unworthy of The Lay. the In Brittany, it is not to say that the green algae are potentially dangerous because behind it there is a whole economic system and a model of intensive agriculture controlled by the FNSEA [the national Federation of trade unions of farmers, the main agricultural union, ed.] to protect.”

This time, under the pressure of the associations, the public prosecutor of Saint-Brieuc has decided to come back and exhume the body of Jean-René Auffray for analysis. Even if, by his own admission, we cannot expect much from an autopsy, a body is decomposing, releasing himself from the hydrogen sulfide.

“We’re in the posturing. By not acting immediately, we will never be able to establish compelling evidence on the responsibility of the green algae”, denounces Yves-Marie Le Lay, who, with the association to Stop the tides of green, will file today a complaint against the prefect of Côtes d’armor and the prefect of the region for “danger” discussed the lives of others”, these authorities have taken, according to the associations, no able to, at a minimum, report hazardous areas to the public.

Pierre-Henri Allain in Rennes, from our correspondent


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