Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Case Squarcini: why two former senior cops have been simmering in police custody – The Express

Bernard Squarcini has he used his influence to “rencarder” his political friends and to promote the companies for which he works? The former head of domestic intelligence (DCRI, become ISB), who had left his position during the change of governmental majority in may 2012, was placed in custody Monday in the framework of a judicial investigation opened by the prosecutor of Paris for “violation of professional secrecy”, “traffic of influence” and “compromise”. This Tuesday, it is always heard by the investigators of the general Inspection of national police (IGPN), seized of the case sensitive and be treated with the utmost discretion.

Four other people were detained in police custody, indicate sources and police close to the investigation L’express, confirming information of the World. It is Christian Flaesch, former head of the judicial police (PJ) in Paris, a former police general Information (RG) and two officers of the society of luxury, LVMH. Two other police officials were heard under the regime of the free auditing: Michel Gaudin, a former prefect of police of Paris and current director of cabinet of Nicolas Sarkozy and a former “security officer” in Corsica.

How was the case?

As revealed by The World, it is a report of the wiretaps dated in the spring of 2013 and targeting Bernard Squarcini, who is at the origin of the case. At the time, the “Sharks” -this is his nickname – has already been dismissed of his duties as director of the intelligence inside, which was too close to Nicolas Sarkozy, and has based its society of economic intelligence and consulting in the private sector. The man is “plugged in” legally because his name appears in the periphery of an investigation aimed at the business man, controversial, Ziad Takieddine. The sheets, however, are not exploited and it is necessary to wait until may 2016 to be unearthed in the favour of the trial of Takieddine and that the investigation to be triggered.

transcript shows that Squarcini has continued, even after his departure from the police, to retrieve confidential information on investigations in progress with network officers to serve its interests and those of its relations. Suspicion all the more strong that a search carried out at his home and at his office a month earlier, in separate cases, led to the seizure of documents classified as “top secret”.

Who would have benefited from information Squarcini?

during a telephone conversation in 2013, Squarcini evokes the case of Jérôme Cahuzac with Michel Gaudin, who has also left the police but to join the team of Nicolas Sarkozy. At this time, the former socialist minister of the Budget has just admitted publicly that he holds an account that is hidden abroad and it is under investigation for tax fraud. A boon for the opposition. The exchanges between the two ex-police officers suggest that Gaudin request to Squarcini to go to learn about the developments of the investigation the minister is deposed. A query to which he would have accessed. With the World, the director of the office of the ex-president categorically denied this solicitation.

  • In the economic world

In the framework of the activities of his company, Squarcini advises the empire of luxury LVMH. At the time, it is at the heart of a judicial procedure initiated by Hermes for entry into the capital, the company accusing its rival of having put in place a timeline to be fraudulent. The investigations are entrusted to the financial brigade of the PJ in Paris. It is in this context that the name of Christian Flaesch, still in office.

As reported by the Express on Monday, the senior civil servant police officer is suspected of having violated the secrecy of the investigation, on the basis of a telephone conversation with Squarcini. In the course of it, he would have passed on confidential information about the procedure. Information is then transmitted by Squarcini to its contacts in LVMH. A Rare survivor of the police officers appointed by the authority sarkozyste, Christian Flaesch was relieved of his duties a few months later by Manuel Valls, again, for having violated the secrecy of the investigation. He had warned the former minister Brice Hortefeux his hearing next.


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