Monday, September 26, 2016

Piétonnisation tract on shore: the battle of Hidalgo against the “all-car” Paris – BFMTV.COM

The Council of Paris will decide on Monday on one of the “flagship projects” of the tenure of Anne Hidalgo, announced during his campaign: the piétonnisation definitive tract on bank right bank, between the tunnel des Tuileries and the port of the Arsenal.

Despite the bronca policy, petitions, and a negative opinion of the commission of inquiry public, the mayor of Paris, has warned: it will not return to this measure, which attacks the symbol of the era of the all-car years Pompidou.

pollution Control

In the footsteps of his predecessor, socialist Bertrand Delanoë, Anne Hidalgo has made the fight against pollution, an scandal health that it considers comparable to that of asbestos, one of his horses to battle.

President since last month’s network C40, which brings together 85 of the world’s cities that have decided to pool their experience in the fight against global warming, the mayor of the capital has already taken a series of measures to hunt gradually the cars in the city centre.

vehicles too pollutants banned

as Well, since the month of July, the low vehicle pollutants do not have the right to ride in the capital during the week, from 8 hours to 20 hours. These are: passenger cars – petrol or diesel – registered prior to January 1, 1997, the light duty vehicles prior to October 1, 1997 and the two-wheel before June 1, 1999.

In addition to the “car free day”, the second edition of which was held this Sunday in the extended version, the mayor of Paris inaugurated the 8th of may last, the piétonnisation of the Champs-Élysées, every first Sunday of the month.

Membership of the Parisian

For the time being, this policy aimed to break with the era of all things automotive seems to obtain the support of the Parisians. According to a recent Ifop survey commissioned by the PS-Paris, they are 55% (62% in the boroughs of central) to support the project of piétonnisation pathways on bank of the right bank.

On the other hand, this policy aroused a real outcry, especially among elected officials of the right parisian and regional. If the opposition does not deny the necessary struggle against the pollution, they fear the hell of the caps, even more pollutants, for the ile-de-france working in Paris.

Bronca to the right and in the suburbs

in Early September, a group of the mayors of the suburbs have launched an appeal, to the sides of the association 40 Million motorists, asking Paris not to force the folder. They deplore the “lack of consultation” of the mayor and a decision taken too quickly without a real alternative. The LR group of Paris, has proposed an alternative route, “never taken into account”, he laments. The UDI-Modem, to him, application of the “States general of the movement”.

But this policy also raises a few twitches to the left. On the question of the piétonnisation of the tracks on embankment, the Val-de-Marne, led by the communist Christian Favier, expressed its “concern” about the fate of the many artisans and local merchants who will deliver it to Paris. Finally, a petition of the association “40 million motorists” has gathered over 12,000 signatures.


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