Friday, September 30, 2016

Jihad. A two-year sentence for incitement to terrorism on the Telegram – West-France

The correctional court of Paris sentenced Friday to four years in jail, including two farm, a man accused of having incited someone to commit a terrorist act via Telegram, e-mail encrypted frequently used by the jihadists. He was also found guilty of consultation usual sites jihadists to be a subscriber to a chain claimed by the islamic State, on this network, and delivered his continued detention.

The prosecution had requested his sentence to four years in prison of which 18 months suspended with probation.Under the nickname ” Echo Alpha Tango “, the 29-year old man, Youssef L., has traded in early 2016 with Arthur L. and Sebastian P. on the e-mail encrypted. He is accused of having incited the first to visit Syria to carry out jihad armed, and to have proposed the second, the ” psychological issues manifest “, to commit attacks in France.

For ” laugh “ ?

” If you go to the action tomorrow, you will be ours “, he said in an exchange that was read at the hearing. Stuck S, depending on the facts of the case, Youssef L. denies, however, any radicality, and claims to have ” played a role “ on Telegram to make fun of people he considers ” perched. “

he acknowledges having regard to the statements which are complained of, it ensures to have done ” fun “. “ In the life of every day, I do not frequent people like that. Internet, this is not reality “, he said at the hearing.And to emphasize that some of his comments were the unmistakable sign of a ” joke “, notably when he proposed to Sébastien P. to sell him a nuclear bomb, shortly after he talked about” take action “.

” I joked with the wrong people, I became aware “, he concluded. “ I’d rather be a funny guy as a terrorist. “But the thesis of a ” bad joke that went wrong “, as summarized by the president, has not convinced the court.

Fascination of the fanaticism jihadist

” what is funny? How you make fun of them by making you go to one of them? “ is as well questioned the one of the three judges. And to add, with some irony:” we split the pear on Telegram. “To the prosecutor, ” of course, from time to time, he laughs (…) On the other hand, there is in him a membership and a fascination for the fanatical jihadist. “

Youssef L.” is in a form of denial which in my view must be punished “, he added, pronouncing its requisitions. (China Labbé, edited by Sophie Louet)


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