Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Nicolas Sarkozy, the wind of the ball – Release

It didn’t need it. This is again the name of the candidate Sarkozy involved in a number of cases. And it is particularly bad at the height of the campaign for the primary to the right of the 20 and 27 November, while the latest polls are at best a timid increase (Ipsos), or a decrease of the former head of the State, which remains four-to-six points behind Alain Juppé (Ifop and Sofres). In all cases, it is still well below the effect of breath – the blast – a thunderous entry into the campaign was supposed to lead to this summer.

This week, each day carries its own set of suspicions or revelations on the hidden side of the quinquennium, or on the financing of the campaigns of 2007 and 2012. The sarkozystes will not fail to see the new manoeuvres of his adversaries, who, unable to prevail politically, and would seek to block the ex-president. Far from weakening, all these “handling” will not do, they say, strengthened his determination.

Monday, the first inconvenience, the one of the very close to Sarkozy, the ex-boss of the intelligence inside Bernard Squarcini, was placed in custody in the framework of a judicial investigation opened for “violation of the secrecy of the statement. Tuesday Mediapart reveals the existence of a “book” in which a former dignitary of the regime, Gaddafi made a state of payments of 6.5 million euros for the financing of the campaign of 2007.

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the Wave

This Wednesday evening, more than 5 million viewers of the newspaper of France 2 hear the former advisor to occult Patrick Buisson, who, in the book the Express publishes this week the good sheets, described his former boss as a “trading policy” who has spent most of his five-year term in a “the jubilee standing of his own person”.

Last but not least, this black series will continue on Thursday, always on France 2, with the show special Envoy, which will return in detail on the explosion of campaign spending of the candidate Sarkozy in 2012. Franck Attal, former head of the subsidiary of Bygmalion responsible for organizing meetings, will explain how he was “forced” to send almost 20 million euros worth of false invoices to the UMP to hide exceeding the limit of expenditure allowed.

In the entourage of Sarkozy, it is kept well, Tuesday, to publicly comment on this flood – to which should be added his indictment for influence-peddling in the case of so-called “wiretapping”. Under the cover of anonymity, a consultant supports, with a hint of cynicism, that “all of this contributes to making the former president of the Republic the candidate of the anti-system”. Ironically, this rhetoric was directly inspired by the teachings delivered by Patrick Buisson, a theorist of a campaign “the people”, centered on the celebration of borders and national identity. NKM has a summary of a sentence this strategy to be implemented without success in 2012 : “For Bush, it was a triumph of Maurras rather than Sarkozy.”


That Nicolas Sarkozy is not Charles Maurras, Bush is the first to regret it. In the Cause of the people, to be published Thursday, he makes the one he has served for nearly a decade, a portrait of devastating – and quite credible – of a man overwhelmed by “his passions, his disorders, his guilty weakness for the air time,” “a fake hard to be overwhelmed by a permanent state of dependency emotional”. It is very far from the image of the man of State full of energy that the ex-president wants to give of himself. Bush regrets that the man whom he has advised include the policy as “operation seduction”. , Far from being the incarnation of voluntarism, the sarkozysme is merely“a two-stroke engine running on a mixture of a speech hard and practice “soft”. In terms only slightly less hard, the same criticism is formulated by Jean-François Copé and François Fillon. Under the pen of Bush, the latter will discover that the ex-president was treating him, on the occasion, “poor guy”. The faithful Estrosi, “the idiot that has a nutty in the head,” is not much better treated.

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But it is his predecessor Jacques Chirac, if one believes Bush, as the Sarkozy reserved his spades the most asesinas : “Chirac has been the most detestable of all the presidents of the Ve. Frankly, I’ve never seen a guy so corrupt.” These words will necessarily be denied. Unless, apocalyptic scenario, Bush will not be able to produce the evidence. In 2014, he was sentenced to have recorded without her knowledge the ex-president.

Alain Auffray


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