Saturday, September 24, 2016

Lyon, Macron account for the missing – Release

This is a missed opportunity for Emmanuel Macron. This Saturday at Lyon for the symposium of the reformists european, the leader In Market will not have done much to advance the political gathering to which he aspires to be able to wear to the presidential election the “transformation project” of France on which he is working. Expected, Jean-Louis Borloo, the former president of the UDI, and is still guardian of the centre-right, has sent apologies at the last minute, depriving Macron from the cliché of a connection on which he relied in order to better convince a centre-right suspicious. A fake bond that Borloo, on a trip to New York does not want to see interpreted as a malicious intent. The presence, in the Museum of the confluences of the former minister UMP Renaud Dutreuil, support now official Macron, and the mp LR Frederic Lefebvre, could not however not be enough to get us to forget: “there is no intention of a TAKEOVER bid on the center. What I want is a gathering of the progressives, corrects the leader In the Market. the I believe in the search for a consensus around ideas, not at the compromise device. It is this that leads to the frustration of our fellow citizens.”

The trouble for Macron is that the absence of Borloo has been preceded by many others, including those of the european commissioner, Pierre Moscovici, of the foundation Terra Nova, yet the origin of the event, the chief of the France Strategy, the economist Jean Pisani-Ferry and several leaders of member countries of the Union, as Sigmar Gabriel, German minister of Economics and technology.

Visibly annoyed by the media coverage met by these “blips”, Macron has said that its presence had nothing to do with the absence of some. the “Sigmar Gabriel has never been on the programme of this symposium, he insists. I was still a minister when he told me that his agenda would not allow him to be there. The same explanation applies to the Italian Prime minister, Matteo Renzi.” On the defections more intentional, driven solely by its status of candidate putative presidential, Macron is biting : “Those French who did not want to come, it is that they did not have large-thing to say. Or they were under pressure, they have agreed to submit to the pressures…

The reformists europeans, the leader of the walk had a lot of things to say. Because, Europe is at the heart of his project, “value” integrated with the corpus of his movement In motion since its creation. For Macron, it is the “the only space that protects“, the right level to treat all challenges economic, and migration, faced by its member countries, and for the benefit of the populists. Using the forum that she was offered Gérard Collomb, senator mayor socialist of Lyon, the leader In the Market has therefore developed its “solution” to “recreate a desire for Europe”.

the Face of the current Europe that “runs empty”, Macron invite the reformists to the fighting. the “The battle is being waged now, the ranting there. the It is necessary to resume the power over words, the fundamental concepts that we have left are the extremists, such as sovereignty, identity and democracy.”

The “european sovereignty” that it calls for goes hand in hand with the identification of borders, economic, or natural. the “Europe is a continent open, but we don’t have to be open to all the winds”, launched the former minister, who defends the establishment of rules anti-dumping to one side, coast guards and border guards of the other. Similarly, the conservation of a single currency, essential attribute of sovereignty, goes hand-in-hand, according to him, with “a common budget for the euro area” and “recovery of investment”.

pragmatic, the leader In motion sketch its operating mode for “to build a new european adventure with the people” : to organize in 2017, the election year in France and Germany, a wide debate, a “democratic convention,”, on the content of the action of the Union in its 26 member countries. Objective : to develop a “a common response”, a “project for the next 5 to 10 years to come” : “Not a 200-page document, but a roadmap brief with specific actions, such as putting in place a fund for european defence, to provide the european market rules anti-dumping”, insists the ex-minister does not exclude to validate everything by referenda. the “Each member country will then be able to move at his own pace, he insists. in Europe will then be at several speeds, but it will be more vivid.”

Nathalie Raulin’s special envoy to Lyon


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