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Trial shirts torn Air France : blue collar workers against white collar workers – The Obs

Provocations, small sentences, laughed : the atmosphere at the trial Air France, which started Tuesday, September 27 at the court in Bobigny is the height of its symbolic significance. During two days, fifteen employees or former employees appear in the so-called case of “shirts torn off”. Those of their directors.

The image went round the world. October 5, 2015, the director of human resources of the company, Xavier Broseta, was caught on camera trying to climb over a grid, shirtless, being chased by protesters at the headquarters of Roissy. The director of the branch long-haul, Stone Plissonnier, had also had to flee the central committee of the business under the pressure of the crowd, the jacket and the shirt into shreds.

The hearing has been postponed twice, in December and in may. This time, it is good. It remains, however, to clarify the facts. And the first day has already widely shown that this would not be obvious. This is video against videos. They are numerous and confusing. As to the perception of the facts, it is intimately linked to the context : an arm of iron social. White-collar workers against blue-collar workers.


On the first video, you can clearly see the accused in rank and onions, and sauté the lock and a grid that separates the public street and the square in front of the Air France headquarters at Roissy. “They are all recognized,” says the president of the 14e chamber of the tribunal. The defendants do not dispute the degradation, only the repair estimate : 4,600 euros per. Be as much as a small car, to replace a latch…

For the reason, images are not enough. “I’ve done it for the sake of security,” say the employees at the bar. On 5 October, nearly 3,000 protesters are given an appointment. With a grid closed, the employees rushed in, and this can quickly turn into disaster. This is probably the reason for the few CRS that are within two meters of the grid do not intervene.

One question comes up repeatedly : why is this grid, usually open to give access to the courtyard in front of the headquarters of Air France, it was closed that day ? According to the management, it is his right. In addition, the permission to protest seems to refer to the address, and therefore to the public road, which is outside of the grid.

“We had an event that day out of the ordinary”, admits to the bar, the legal director of Air France to justify the hiring of security guards.

This would it not create a dangerous situation ? According to the defence, the closure of this grid is suspect. One of the leaflets, giving appointment to the employees on the square.

“This is the same place. When it comes to the taxi, we put on the court, not on the public way”, argued, in substance, the witnesses side of defense.

Miguel Fortea, delegate CGT, testifies :

“During the CTE, I said Frédéric Gagey that the grill was closed. If people discover it, the grid will be shaken. I ask you to open the gate.”

He has not done so. As the recounts “the Days”, the CEO has escaped quickly to the CEC by a back door. The management of Air France, bogged down in a big trade dispute, has she really done everything possible to avoid a skid ?

Who has ripped off their shirts ?

After the interruption of the central Committee of business, it is a mess. “It is to us,” shout the protesters, standing on the tables, happy to have been able to access to the premises of their business. “1.700 deletions of position among the ground staff. The responsible, they are behind you”, points the finger at one delegate for Solidarity. It is at this time that Xavier Broseta and Stone Plissonnier are caught in the crowd.

Who has ripped off their clothes ? Who has worn the shots ? Five defendants go on to the bar. Some pictures show of hands a little too close to the two victims. “I will see the movies,” repeated again and again the president of the court, anxious to advance the hearing. On one of them, one hears distinctly the first defendant to repeat “let it go, let it go !” to the aid of one of the directors.

“I touched his jacket to get his attention”, says Fabrice L..
“I proceeded to its removal,” said another.

It seems that they have indeed been many to help the leaders. But the two leaders could not identify neither the authors nor their saviors. Would they have all been victims of mistakes in the investigation ? The prosecutor eventually be ironical about the benevolence displayed :

“All the world falls and hangs up on Mr. Plissonnier !”

One of the guards of the body is more formal :

“I have seen mr. porter blows to Mr. Plissonnier.”

Only one of the accused acknowledges his guilt. “It was a bad gesture, I regret, I excused myself,” says Vincent M.. On a video, he is seen pushing a security guard that runs to the side of Xavier Broseta. The vigil leads to the HRD in his fall. He wanted him to settle his account, dare one of the lawyers.

“If I had wanted him to settle his account, I would have taken otherwise,” responds the accused. “It was a stroller.”

” $ 1.7 billion of views”

The first sentence of Peter Plissonnier, today on leave conversion, well worth a little analysis :

“It is well that you remember that I am a victim.”

there was a doubt ? He and his colleague, Xavier Broseta are constantly reminded of the humiliation they experienced because of the dissemination of the images. “With 1.7 billion views”, it is “like the Olympics”, argues the human resources department, who welcomes not to have tv.

But this rejection would not it triggered a sense of guilt in them ? Behind the bar, a former employee, however, already involved in acts of violence, feels no more its place at the tribunal :

“I am come to defend employees.”

in Front of the palais de justice de Bobigny, the CGT, FO and other unions had mounted Tuesday, a little show satirical way Horn : “You’re representing the staff ? Naughty, you risk prison. Pan, Pan, pan !” The activists fear the “criminalization of trade union action”.

For there not to strongly condemn physical attacks ? Tuesday, in the court, only one witness, Miguel Fortea, delegate CGT, when he was asked the question, looked at the heart of the matter : “what violence parle-t-on ?” It is not that of a shirt ripped off, he remarked a lawyer of the civil parties. “No,” continued the steward, there were 2.900 jobs on the table.”

Donald Hebert


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