Friday, September 30, 2016

The subway throughout the night, it is in a bad way ! – The Parisian

Paris will not be like London. At least not right away. The Syndicat des transports d’ile-de-France (Stif) just say no to subway all night. If the british capital, opened this summer two of its lines, 24 hours on 24 every weekend, the night owls, the parisian will not have to transport continuously, with the exception of some festive events such as Nuit blanche, this weekend.

” the extension of The hours of night on the subway system is complex to initiate without strongly degrading the quality of the current service “, slice the Stif, referring to the 400 building sites by night on the network RATP that it would be necessary to focus the week, but also a need for additional staff and an overhaul of the computer systems. Side train, and TRAIN, any increase in provides at night is also excluded, ” medium-term “, in particular because of the many work and the movement of freight trains in the night.

The need ” is not proven “

But in addition to these technical reasons, the Stif is estimated simply as the need for more transportation in the night ” is not proven “. “The practices of mobility of the ile-de-france at night (between 21 hours and 6 hours) did not result in a need to transport heavy (trains, metro, RER) throughout the night. The need to travel is significantly reduced after midnight “, underlines the study, conducted by the consulting firm, Alenium, based on Overall Survey Transport dating back to 2010, which polled 18 000 residents in the Ile-de-France.

On the Saturday evening, for example, the study notes that only 8.9% of the 35 million daily trips in the night between 21 hours and 6 hours, and for 15% of them, by public transport. An important part occurs before 2 hours. However, the subways roll up at 2: 15 p.m. on Saturday, since 2006. 122 000 passengers use the metro every Saturday between midnight and 2 hours. But the majority of the displacement of the Saturday night is done by car.

Conclusion of the Stif : the request for opening the night is that ” one-off “, and she is currently satisfied by the extensions of opening hours of Saturday, and offers bus Noctilien, strengthened since 2009 (48 lines, 38 000 users on average on the weekend).

In the meantime, the night owls can still take advantage of public transport 24 hours on 24 at some ” nights festive “, such as December 31 or the feast of music. This is still the case this year for Nuit Blanche, which takes place today.

It’s going to roll up to the White Night

The RATP will open partially underground lines, available free of charge, beyond 2h15. This year, it is the line 1, between Franklin Roosevelt and the Gare de Lyon, and the line 9, between Pont de Sèvres and Saint-Augustin.

in addition, the bus network Noctilien is suitable for this night a bit special. The frequency of buses N01 and N02, which make the round of the stations, is enhanced, with a passage every five minutes. In addition, several lines from normally Châtelet are deferred on the railway stations, the centre of Paris not being served that night by the Noctilien.

Thus, the rows N21, N122 e t N145 are carried over to the Montparnasse train station, the lines N22 and N144 on the gare de Lyon train station, the N23 to gare de l’est and the N24 to Saint-Lazare. Finally, the lines N11 to N16, due to the traffic restrictions will not be in service this night.


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