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The “Jungle” of Calais : Hollande promises a complete dismantling “by the end of the year” – Le Parisien

François Hollande arrived this Monday morning a little before 8: 30 am, Calais (Pas-de-Calais). This is the first time in his mandate that he goes there. As tensions grow around the camp of migrants from the “jungle” and that the topic becomes a political issue, the president will spend a few hours in the city where elected officials, local residents and traders are increasingly exasperated and tired of the situation.

François Hollande, came in a helicopter, began his visit by the gendarmerie in Calais. He must meet with law enforcement, elected officials, business leaders and representatives of civic associations.

“We need to dismantle completely, definitely the camp” of Calais, has launched François Hollande on his arrival. To do this, “the government will go to the end”, he assured before the forces of the order and taking, “as much as it is possible, a distance to instrumentalisations or controversy, which, moreover, turn their backs on the principles of the values of the Republic”. An allusion to the words of some of the candidates from the primary to the right.

He promises to come back with the government after the break-up

A little later, the head of State insisted in ensuring that the camp would be “dismantled permanently, fully, quickly, that is to say, by the end of the year.” He promised to come back with the government in Calais after the complete dismantling” of the camp.

“We are on the path to a solution, it is very close to,” promised the head of State to the address of the inhabitants.

François Hollande explained that France had a “double duty” : “humanity” and “firmness”. “Those who reveal the asylum should be welcomed. Those that do not need to be accompanied”, he explained.

He also called on the British to “take their part in the humanitarian effort that France accomplished here and will continue to do tomorrow”. “This is not because the United Kingdom has taken a sovereign decision that(he) is relieved of its obligations in relation to France,” said François Hollande, alluding to the Brexit.

The head of State took to the smugglers : “we must first against combat networks for the trafficking of human beings, which is the worst trade, the most vile, that goes back a long time and which survives up here to exploit people in a situation of extreme vulnerability”.

VIDEO. Holland asked the British to “take their side”

After meetings with elected officials and associations, François Hollande visited the transport company Carpentier, a visit that was not recorded in the agenda of the movement. He discussed with the road facing the intrusion attempts of the migrants in their vehicle.

It was not intended, however, to go into the “jungle”. The head of State was supposed to be scheduled this visit last summer, but the attacks of Nice and Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray and forced to regrow.

VIDEO. Calais: Hollande meets with elected officials and associations

a Few days after Nicolas Sarkozy

Nicolas Sarkozy, who has made migration issues and identity of the main themes of his campaign for the primary from the right, went to Calais last Wednesday. The former president had called to renegotiate “agreements Touquet”, text establishing the british frontier on the ground is hexagonal, and that he had himself signed in 2003 when he was the minister of the Interior.

Guest of Europe 1 on Monday morning, Nicolas Sarkozy has also said the dismantling. “But with one big difference, is that at the same time, I recovered the control of the borders are not what they should be”, has hammered the former head of the State. “The principle of a jungle on the territory of the Republic is a scandal”, he insisted, ensuring that it would decide him “the expulsion of persons in an irregular situation”. “We can’t let the Calaisie in the face of this tragedy”, he added, denouncing the absence of State authority, as with “the zadistes” of Notre-Dame-des-Landes or the “Night stand”.

Saturday, François Hollande had already stated its willingness “to dismantle (the jungle of) Calais fully” where some 7000 to 10000 migrants do not dream of joining England. He assured that France would “not a country of camps”, on the occasion of a visit to Tours in one of the 164 centres of welcome and orientation (CAO) opened to accommodate the evacuated migrants in Calais, and Paris. The State seeks to create more than 9,000 new parking spaces in the CAD by the end of the year.

On the ground, opponents are mobilizing in the districts concerned. Saturday still, hundreds of people marched to Versailles and Louveciennes (Yvelines) against the proposed installation of welcome centers.

And even if the demonstrations remain few in number in relation to the projects undertaken, their media coverage is intense, heightened by the accusations of the national Front.

A part of the right has engaged behind the acting chairman of the party, The Republicans, Laurent Wauquiez, waving the cloth “mini-Calais” or “mini-camps”.

The dismantling also aims to put an end to a humanitarian situation is extremely deteriorated on this campsite in crowded conditions, where the climate of tensions is growing. A situation which also translates into a heavy human toll: since the beginning of the year 2016, twelve migrants have died in the Calaisis, of which five are struck on the bypass port.

The presidential visit will take place in a electric climate, in the middle of building a concrete wall “anti-intrusion” which was supposed to prevent migrants from riding in trucks and make it to the port to join the Great Britain.

Raffarin : “The president is in campaign all day”

The former Prime minister and support of Alain Juppe has criticised the Wednesday morning on France Info this new displacement of Francois Hollande. “The president is in electoral campaign every day. (…) Yesterday, the harkis, it is a very serious, today in Calais, it is a subject that is very serious. And at the bottom, we see that the election campaign pre-empts everything, being everything and one has the impression that it is the elections that govern us,” explained Jean-Pierre Raffarin.

“All of this has the air of being done with the communication objectives. It takes a few people by surprise,” he added, continuing : “there are topics that are of importance, that you could treat in a democracy, in a Republic of maturity, including by a parliamentary vote without the president being obliged to do shows over there”.

On the bottom, Raffarin explained that according to him also, “it is necessary to dismantle Calais”. “I think it should naturally be discussed with the England and I think of course that it is necessary to avoid the concentration of migrants in one place. Therefore, that there is a reflection on the distribution inside the territory controlled manner, does not seem to me to be something incongruous,” he concluded, giving in part due to the government.

VIDEO. François Hollande for the first time in Calais


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