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Holland recognizes the responsibility of France “in the abandonment of harkis” – The Point

During the national Day of homage to harkis, president François Hollande has recognized the ” responsibility of the governments of france in the abandonment of the harkis “. It was done in a solemn discourse, at the Invalides, in the presence of Nicolas Sarkozy and Marine Le Pen. “I recognize the responsibilities of the governments of france in the abandonment of the harkis, the massacre of those who remained in Algeria and conditions of reception inhumane families moved to the camps in France “, said the head of the State. Established by the decree of 31 march 2003, under the presidency of Jacques Chirac, this national day of giving held each year in Paris, at an official ceremony in the cour d’honneur of the Invalides.

Saturday, at Perpignan, not far from the camp of Rivesaltes (Pyrénées-Orientales) which have been herded many of the harkis after the war of Algeria, French president Nicolas Sarkozy had also made a tribute to these Algerian former auxiliaries of the French army ” The drama of the harkis is that of all France. [...] A stain of blood indelible rest on our flag “, he said. “Through the harkis, it is our novel national wrote : one of women and men around the world who have adopted France, its values, its nation. Among them, a special place is given to the French muslims who died for our freedom and our flag “, he added, seeing the harkis proof that ” France is not the fruit of chance “, but ” will “. “France is the adoptive mother of all those who want to love him. It does not look at the family tree “, a-t-it launched under the thunders of applause.

the promise of 2012

A number had protested, accompanied by many voices on the right, when the head of the State was commemorated this year the ceasefire of 19 march 1962 on Algeria in the wake of the agreements of Evian, a date they view as symbolic of their abandonment. By recognizing these ” responsibilities “, François Hollande has honored a promise made in April 2012, during the presidential campaign, taking over almost to the word near the text of his statement of the time. He had already done in part in the same ceremony on September 25, 2012, but at the time it was through a message read by Kader Arif, minister delegate for Veterans affairs.

This recognition in the name of France had also been made by Nicolas Sarkozy in April 2012 when he was still head of State, eight days before the first round of the presidential election. Citing a “truth relentless” and ” cruel “, François Hollande spoke of the ” fighters who were deprived of the protection of France in the aftermath of the war of Algeria and the surrender of which was never fully recognized by the Republic “, stressed the head of State. According to the agreements of Evian on 18 march 1962, between 55 000 and 75 000 harkis, were, according to historians, were abandoned in Algeria and victims of bloody reprisals on the part of the nationalists. Some 60,000 have been allowed in France. With their descendants, their community is estimated at 500 000 people.

” discrimination “

in Front of a number of officials, but also politicians engaged in the presidential campaign (Nicolas Sarkozy, Marine Le Pen, Jean-François Copé, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, etc), François Hollande deplored the fact that ” the taking into account of the rights [of the harkis, editor's NOTE] [has been] a long time to obtain. Their children have suffered from not being fully integrated into the Republic. For François Hollande, the harkis and their descendants are still suffering from ” discrimination, prejudice, racism, intolerance “. He underlined the actions undertaken by his predecessors, and under his presidency, including a “plan of action” in 2014. “You are examples of accession to France, even when she was able to miss you – and it has failed “, has congratulated François Hollande. “France is never really at the height of its history when it turns away from the truth, thought it was the head of the State. On the other hand, it is dignified and proud when she is able to look it in the face. It is with this clarity on the darkest pages that we can feel a legitimate pride on the most glorious. “”The magnitude is always on the side of those who repair rather than those that separate,” yet warned Francois Hollande.


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