Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The aggression of racist anti-asian restraint by the court – The Parisian

Three young men have been sentenced to prison for having violently struck and robbed a chinese family.

Le judgment delivered yesterday evening by the 17e chamber of the court of Bobigny will be a date. This is the first time that’s recognized the racist nature of a theft with violence, to the prejudice of the asian community. The three authors, aged 22 to 23 years, were sentenced to ten, eight, and twelve months in prison with warrant of committal.

The case is sadly trivial : on the 26th of march last, two families, asians are the victims of theft with violence in Bobigny and Drancy. The public ministry has revealed that since the first eight months of the year, 1 048 people of asian origin were victims of crimes in Seine-Saint-Denis.

The three men brought to trial for acts of extreme violence, committed a few hours apart. 19 hours, a couple of Asians is violently attacked at his home in Bobigny, france. For these facts, the defendants were acquitted. Three hours later, at Drancy, outside the restaurant Léon de Bruxelles, a chinese family is beaten.

In the box, these three young men know they risk big. The president reminded that a sentence of ten years is at the top of their head. They are all three in a state of recidivism for other business. On 12 April, they had in effect been arrested in flagrante delicto and condemned for having robbed a trader of the chinese in Aubervilliers. They were in the month of June and écopaient of a new conviction.

so far, they had not been put into question for the deeds of march. It is in the favor of crossovers as the investigators climbed back up to them. The trio was aboard a Megane grey. A witness was able to identify the registration. On the other hand, the phones of two of them had bounded near the restaurant. Finally, a victim has formally acknowledged this was one of the authors behind glass without silvering.

Surrounded by all sides, the defendants play a fundamental disbelief. “The Mégane, it is not a limited series, of Renault, there are thousands,” replies Mohammed, even adding : “There are also thousands of rogues. We aren’t the only ones to steal Asian on Aubervilliers. “

The bread for the substitute public prosecutor, convinced of the racist overtones of the assault. She had needed thirty months to three years in prison. “The victims are targeted for what they represent, own, and because they are asian. These are a priori traders who potentially have cash on them. “

Me Ormillien, the lawyer of the victims, is also convinced : “The videos show that these people were targeted, tracked and expected at the exit of the restaurant. “In fact, the images showed that the trio is selfless other customers are non-asian.


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