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The  candidates to the primary ecologist Cécile  Duflot, Karima Delli and Michèle Rivasi and  Yannick Jadot.

The first debate of the presidential election was held, Tuesday, September 27, between the four candidates in the primary ecologist. On several occasions, the journalists of LCP, which has broadcast the exchanges, were asked about their differences. Not very many, they mostly focus on details related to the implementation of measures that make the unanimity.

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basic income

All candidates are in favour of the introduction of a basic income. But they do not always agree on its amount, the conditions of its introduction or its financing :

  • Yannick Jadot proposes a basic income of approximately 500 euros, which should be linked to the implementation of a new tax ;
  • To Michèle Rivasi, ” 500 euros is not enough “, it offers a ” between 800 and 1 000 euros “ for participants ” self “, saying, take example on the countries that already apply ;
  • Cecile Duflot would like it to be 1 000 euros, and implemented by stages, in particular through the redistribution : the ” We will not be able to earn more in a month than what someone earns in a year “ ;
  • Karima Delli supports a ” real tax reform, up to 90 % [tax] for richer “. the ” The basic income will concern all the world “ and will be ” a complement to our social protection “, she added.

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About the legalization of cannabis

This is probably the topic on which the four candidates will join the more. All are in favour of the legalisation of cannabis, provided that it is ” framed “. The greens are the only party in which all the presidential candidates are in favor of legalization and not only to the decriminalisation of cannabis.

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On the reform of institutions

The four candidates offer all of the major changes in French institutions in order to change the regime and to create a sixth Republic. But each went its own proposals.

  • Karima Delli wishes to reduce the number of mps (from 577 to 400) and wants to replace the post of prime minister with a vice-president for european affairs ;
  • Cecile Duflot hopes to introduce a seven-year term one-time, non-renewable ;
  • Yannick Jadot wants to reduce the powers of the president to give more weight to a parliament elected by proportional representation ;
  • Michèle Rivasi, who shares this last point, also hope that a new Constitution would ” moralize politics “.

The candidates also spoke for a new written Constitution and democratically.

On the union of the left

It can be the point dividing the four candidates environmentalists of this primary.

  • Michèle Rivasi and Karima Delli are clearly disagreed that any agreement with the socialists.
  • the other two candidates have not clearly spoken out against any agreements with the PS. Interviewed, Yannick Jadot and Cécile Duflot have preferred to dodge the question by replying to one side.

This exchange has also given rise to a slight pass of weapon between Cécile Duflot and Karima Delli, who felt that the alliance with the socialist Party for the parliamentary elections of 2011 was “a bullet in the foot” of the environmentalists. This agreement had allowed that the environmentalists get, for the first time, a group in the national Assembly.

About terrorism

Little difference again between the candidates.

  • Cecile Duflot has insisted on the strategy of the group islamic State, which ” based on the fractures in French society “, a finding which is in agreement Karima Delli and Yannick Jadot ;
  • Yannick Jadot proposes to put forward local solutions such as neighbourhood councils, or even to put in place a foreign policy more consistent with some countries in the Middle East, citing Qatar and saudi Arabia.
  • Yannick Jadot and Karima Delli are also in favour of greater european co-operation in the field of terrorism, the first pressing for the establishment of an intelligence agency in europe, an ” FBI, european ” and a ” european public prosecutor ” able to investigate the scale of the continent ;
  • Yannick Jadot and Cécile Duflot are also positioned for a major reform of our multiple intelligence agencies, this last is also in favour of increasing their human resources ;
  • Michèle Rivasi wants to ” learn in school the Declaration of the rights of man and of the citizen, rather than teaching La Marseillaise “.


On this central point of their respective programs, the four candidates differ not on their differences but on their priorities.

  • ” The first thing I do is to put in place a plan to exit the diesel in five years, “ said Karima Delli, adding that” today, breathing kills, “ ;
  • ” My act number 1, close nuclear power plants “, has shown Michèle Rivasi, which states that it will close in priority Fessenheim ;
  • Yannick Jadot wants to priority ” get out of fossil fuels, and to dive with enthusiasm into the energy of the future “, , adding that he is betting instead on the SMES to meet the challenge. ” It is not with the large businesses that fight climate change. “
  • Cecile Duflot sets itself as cape 100 % renewable energy by 2050, which would create, according to it, between 800 000 and 900 000 jobs. She also wants to sign the climate emergency in the Constitution.

Asked about the many similarities between the four candidates, Michèle Rivasi recognizes that the choice of the voters will be more on ” personality “ and ” credibility ” of each one on the content of their programs.


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