Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Mireille Darc struck by two brain hemorrhages – The Figaro

The actress, soon to be octogenarian is hospitalized in Paris since September 19, due to serious health problems. Her husband, Pascal Deprez, is wanted in spite of all reassuring.

The health of Mireille Darc is deteriorating. And in a worrisome way. The actress has been in hospital since September 19, the victim of two brain hemorrhages. “Two weeks ago, she started having a headache throughout the weekend. She had a hemorrhage which, by miracle, lies between the brain and the skull. That is to say that there will be no sequel,” said on RTL, Pascal Deprez, the husband of the actress since 2002.

“When she suffered a second brain hemorrhage, there has been a great moment of panic, ( … ), I had the fright of my life”, he added. Since, Mireille Darc would have recovered some of his faculties, including speech. “She really almost die but the skies will wait. This is not yet for this time. It goes well, maybe even very good,” declared her husband.

In 1980, the actress, who suffered from a heart murmur since childhood, almost-octogenarian has been made by the Professor Christian Cabrol. He was implanted a heart valve.

Some time later, after his separation with Alain Delon, she is the victim of a serious car accident that immobilized for more than three months.

In 2013, the actress underwent a new operation for heart problems.

Born on 15 may 1938 in modest circumstances, Mireille Aigroz – who chose his pseudonym in reference to Joan of Arc became a star in the 70′s. With his helmet of gold, the “great grasshopper” (a nickname earned after a film of the same name from 1966) to wreak havoc in the cinema, in the crime fiction crazy of Lautner – she toured with him in about fifteen films and productions good child of Édouard Molinaro. Her unforgettable dress to the neckline dizzying baring her back in The tall blond with one black shoe (1972) marked the spirits.

After her meeting with Alain Delon on the set of Jeff in 1968, it has some little of his career in parentheses for fifteen years. During this time, the film forgets it, but it returns by the small window. She then returned with the popularity in the roles of wife, decided, and independent (hearts burned, The eyes of Helen, the justice of The Marion…). In 1997, Sapho, a movie by Serge Moati, offer him at last a role for the unusual and troubling, full of mystery, far from her character’s usual.

At the beginning of the 1990s, it also launches in documentary filmmaking societal issues such as organ transplants, cancer, prostitution or, more recently, in 2015, the women SDF. In 2007, she was back on the boards to play with Alain Delon – remained a very close friend – the bridges of Madison county at the Marigny theatre.


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