Sunday, September 25, 2016

Accuracy of Sarkozy : “our ancestors” are also the harkis or the senegalese – Release

It does not loose the case. Nicolas Sarkozy took his best pen to meet the “arrogant” that are allowed to be ironical on his now-famous assertion regarding “the Gauls” which would “our ancestors,” the moment the“becomes French”. In front of more than a thousand supporters gathered Saturday at Perpignan, the candidate for the primary of the right and centre has exalted the “roman national” dear to the great historian Ernest Lavisse, a contemporary of Jules Ferry. Novel “left” would have renounced to impose the reign of the “communalism”.

As in his campaign of 2007 – he had then said to feel “the heir of Jaurès” – the former head of State arises in the unique defender of patriotism, secularism and education, these old values of the left betrayed by the singers of “the single thought”. On a your faculty, sometimes bombastic (“the collective unconscious of the French is lulled by the memories of the soldiers of the year II, and of Valmy…”), he endeavoured to show the depth and relevance of its output as long derided on the Gauls. In advocating for the restoration of the “roman national”, he would only express his attachment to “the assimilation”, which must again become, according to him, the condition of access to the French nationality.

“senegalese Riflemen”

what To make of him a distant heir of François 1st, “by the edict of Villers-Cotterêts [1539], rendered a great service to the French nation in the art of assimilation”. The sarkozystes gathered in Perpignan, were not deceived : this daring historical background was also a charge against Alain Juppé, the man who has dared to claim that assimilation was an outdated concept which should be substitute a “integration ” renovated”, respectful of identities. the “Those who criticise assimilation have accepted the renunciation of the French identity”, has thundered Sarkozy applause.

He then launched into a stiff course of history – a kind of “novel national for dummies” – to the attention of this “poor left arrogant and pretentious”,, which only consists of definitely not “our Republic is embodied in its past, its symbols and its legends”. According to him, it is important that “the young French people, regardless of their place of birth, their skin color, their religion, learn the same history”. The applicant suggests that school-based programs, probably under the influence of the “communitarian”, would have renounced this ambition.

Summoning Renan, Lavisse and De Gaulle, Sarkozy claims to defend “a certain idea of France”, “the adoptive mother of all those who want to love it.” This is why it persists and signs : the meaning of the novel national, “our ancestors,” are “the Gauls”. But also a lot of other things : “Yes, our ancestors were Clemenceau, Foch, Lyautey, Leclerc [...] Yes, our ancestors were also the soldiers of the foreign Legion who fought with Cameron and the senegalese riflemen”, he added.

Meal replacement

As to each of its election campaigns, Nicolas Sarkozy was on Saturday at Perpignan, to pay tribute to Harkis. He even promised, this time, a “law of compensation” if it is elected in 2017. In the meantime, he does not hesitate to make these former auxiliaries of algerians fighting alongside the French army examples living of of this “assimilate” that he wants to return to the taste of the day : “through the Harkis, it is our novel national writing, that of the men and women around the world who have adopted France, its values, its nation.”

Sarkozy has made the distribution of meals substitution in the canteens of many common symbol of the progress of communitarianism and the decline of the assimilation. This is why he wants to outlaw this practice, as he recalled stick shaker. We can not exclude that there are, among muslim school children are affected by the ban, some of the descendants of “our ancestors”, the Harkis or the people.

Alain Auffray


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