Friday, September 30, 2016

Apple Store ransacked in Dijon: in the frenzied “claims to be a victim of the ensign” – The Express

“Ladies and gentlemen, Apple is a company which violates the rights of the consumer.” Under the noise a loud security alarms, a man quite pissed off, sunglasses on the nose and petanque ball in hand, massacre the products displayed one after the other. It is necessary to wait tens of seconds, and several iPhones and other Macbooks blown up, before it is overpowered by the security guards.

This scene unusual took place on Thursday morning at the Apple Store at the shopping center la Toison d’or in Dijon (Gold Coast), giving rise to a video soon became viral on the social networks. The frantic, an individual with a 30-year-old native of the region, is being heard by the police officers from the local police station from 13: 05 on Thursday. His custody has been extended by 24 hours this Friday.

Subject to a psychiatric expertise

during his interrogation, he would have been considered legitimate his act of vandalism. “He does not regret and is not very talkative. He claims that he is a victim of Apple because the store did not wanted him to exchange or to reimburse him for a device that was not working. This is the only explanation for her anger,” says The Express Thierry Bas, deputy prosecutor of the Republic of Dijon.

The individual is unknown to police services and justice. Without a job and living alone, it has been the subject of a psychiatric examination to determine whether he was fully aware of his act. The public prosecutor of Dijon is waiting for the results before ruling on the judicial follow-up to be given to this matter. If the appraisal finds criminal responsibility, the man could be judged by appearance of immediate “degradation material” or to be placed under judicial control.

The facts are punishable by two years imprisonment and 30,000 euros fine. “The damage to the store is estimated at more than 50 000 euros”, says the deputy prosecutor of Dijon.

No complaint has been filed for the moment

at this point, the man is not prosecuted for violence. A video sequence shows yet holding a vigil at the neck, and be virulent in its respect. According to the public prosecutor of Dijon, no person has been injured in the scuffle and no complaint has yet been filed, side Apple Store as the staff side.

The first elements of the investigation have allowed to establish that the individual acted alone. Contrary to what has been said on the social networks, the man who is filming is a customer of the store and not a friend or an accomplice. It was put out of the question.


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