Friday, September 16, 2016

Salah Abdeslam chatty with other inmates, still silent face the judge – L’Express

Facing the judge, Salah Abdeslam has again exercised his right to silence on Thursday morning. Yet, in his prison of Fleury-Merogis, the prisoner most watched France speaks when he was placed in solitary confinement, particularly to avoid exchanges. He “regularly communicates with non-radicalized inmates of Fleury-Merogis” cowardly Thursday in Le Figaro MP various left Olivier Falorni.

“Of course it gets to communicate with others or speaking aloud, either through the bars of his cell. It is a known practice. Reports are made by the personal daily on these behaviors, “says Jean-François Forget, general secretary UFAP-UNSA.

coded Exchanges

The exchanges do not happen physically because Salah Abdeslam not meet anyone either to walk, he performs alone, or when it goes to the parlor to see his family or his lawyer. Building D3, left wing. The only member still living commandos on November 13 is on the top floor of the prison, part of which was reserved for him.

A level are a cell next to “dedicated unit” hosting radicalized prisoners, on the other isolation cells. “It is the object of interest of some detainees, including high crime,” says Jean-François Forget.

Contacts are especially at night, after 21 hours. The detainees are awaiting the passage of a first round to talk. “The prisoners exchange among themselves in different ways. When this is trivial, it is often in French. But when it’s more personal, it’s more in Arabic or a mixture of both. Some speak the language poorly, use slang or dialect, so it is sometimes difficult to understand and translate what is said, “said a union source prison. Especially since sometimes their exchanges are encoded with certain keywords.

Conversations with the killer of the Jewish Museum in Brussels

Part of the trade are intercepted and transcribed. “A lot of work is done in Fleury to better understand the relationship between each other, which will allow us to advance face these people,” says our source.

A few weeks before the summer, an incident had been reported. The prison administration had moved some of its neighbors with whom the young Molenbeek 26 years had managed to communicate, revealed the Sunday newspaper . But impossible to clear all floors of the largest prison in Europe while many cells had already been on his arrival.

Shortly after his arrest, when he was imprisoned in Bruges, Salah Abdeslam would have used the same technique. Supervisors stated in the Belgian press that he had communicated raising his voice with Mehdi Nemmouche, the alleged gunman of the Jewish Museum in Brussels. It was the latter who had advised him to keep silent failure to be sent to France to stand trial. In Salah Abdeslam declined by twice to answer the questions of the judges. In July, he even refused to be taken from his cell to go to the interrogation.


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