Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sarkozy untouchable : why we’re all guilty ! – Obs

The foreigners are not like us. And their morals we’re horrifying. In Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, the president suspected of having participated in the system of corruption in Petrobras, was destitute. A madness amazon ! In the United States, the candidate for the White House Hillary Clinton had to appear in court for 12 hours in front of a parliamentary commission for having used its own mail box for business purposes. A fad yankee ! In Sweden, a minister, a social democrat, resigned after being caught in the act of drinking and driving. A drift calvinist ! In Romania, the ex-Prime minister Victor Ponta, continued in a folder of election campaign funding, which had led to power in 2012, has been placed under judicial control pending trial. A folklore Romanian !

In Gaul, nothing of the sort. Our officers do not have any worry at all. Failing to cut off their head, we forgive always, regardless of their errant ways. Although he blew up the ceiling of campaign expenditures in 2012, although the suspicion is building up with respect to a possible funding libyan campaign of 2007, although it is put in examination in the case of the so-called “eavesdropping” for having sought to bribe a magistrate of the Court of cassation, with the complicity of his lawyer, although he was indicted in the case Bygmalion, and that his removal before the correctional court is required by the public prosecutor, the former president remains smooth. It screams of conspiracy, pleads his integrity and claims yet to become our new president.

fortunately, for him, Nicolas Sarkozy is neither brazilian nor american, nor Swedish, nor even Romanian. With us, responsible for this quenching, it cherishes, it applauds her, we shall elect.

No, Sarkozy has not benefited from five non-places

More people should not swallow the lie

Not a day without one of its protrusions past or present the headlines. Nicolas Sarkozy can spit on his former team and his opponents at length off, fulminate against journalists, “guévaristes” that will allow to ask him questions and change your mind as the shirt on minor subjects, such as the right of the soil, the climate change or the membership of France to the european Union, nothing is. It is still running.

who’s responsible ? The media is fascinated by his show ? Without a doubt. But at this level of intoxication, it is the entire social body that lack of immune defense. No French citizen honestly informed should not swallow the lie. No politician normally brave should not condone the fraud. Elected in 2007, defeated in 2012, Nicolas Sarkozy would not even have had to be in the race to 2017. The leaders of the UMP, which gave him the reins of the party in 2014, are the major offending : how were they able to mop up the mécomptes of his previous campaign and reliance upon him, except by the instinct of submission to clan ?

“The business will eventually catch up and prevent it from showing up”, do you mean.

But it is the reverse which occurs. Sarkozy, Berlusconi, Hauts-de-Seine, is only presidential candidate that to get business. His smashing return policy only serves to obscure his fate in court. As an advocate he has never ceased to be, master Sarkozy reverses the burden of proof : if the judges seek to make trouble, is that it is the silence and even, in his person, to silence the people that expresses it so well…

Hay surveys ! This Tartuffe is already a winner to all of the shots. If Juppé wins the primary and then the presidential election, he will have to grant him protection in return for his support. Bingo… And rebingo ! If Sarkozy succeeds his hold-up on the primary, it will be washed of all suspicion by the anointing democratic. A miracle. But if this is returning to be glorified, succeeded in getting re-elected president in favor of a misunderstanding, it would become untouchable as the provisions of our grand Constitution, and could get revenge on all those who have missed it. So goes the Pole !

Sylvain Courage


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