Friday, December 23, 2016

49.3: Manuel Valls enfariné in Strasbourg – The Parisian

Manual Valls, in the countryside in Strasbourg, has been enfariné Thursday by an opponent who wanted to question the former Prime minister about 49.3 while the latter was about to enter a coffee shop, has found an AFP journalist.
“49.3 we don’t forget ! We don’t forget !”, launched the author of the incident by contacting Manuel Valls. The individual, a man of some thirty years was able to approach the former Prime minister from behind, has found an AFP journalist.
The man, who, according to several sources in Strasbourg and Paris could be a technician at France Bleu Alsace, was immediately arrested.
The incident took place at around 14 hours in front of a coffee shop, where Manuel Valls had to join the elected officials of the left and supporters. The former Prime minister remained impassive, wiping his face with a handkerchief before settling in this hotel, which is adjacent to the Christmas market.
“This is a good omen. It was of the flour without gluten, so I appreciate the attention,” ironisé at its output Manuel Valls, whose coat had in the meantime been cleaned.
“It is the joys of the countryside. Don’t make a ton otherwise you may you also receive”, has introduced the candidate to the journalists about the tone of the joke.
a week ago, Manuel Valls, has pushed the campaign for the primary of the PS, by advancing the proposal of a shock removal of the 49-3, weapon controversial that it has used to impose the law work.
Before the incident, Manuel Valls, who came with his wife to visit the Christmas market of Strasbourg in the framework of the campaign for the primary of the left, said he wanted to m ake the protection of the French its “priority”.
“What I want to say by coming here, that is to say to our compatriots that their protection is my priority and at the same time, it is necessary to live,” said Manuel Valls at the foot of the half-timbered houses of the picturesque district of Petite France, going to a meeting of visitors, merchants, but also of the forces of order.
“Because the freedom, to live, to share, to the brotherhood are also responses to the terrorist threat with which we are going to live a long time,” he added.
the descent of the TGV, about 11 pm, Manuel Valls has walked in the foot – as his opponent said Emmanuel Macron had done on 4 October in Strasbourg – from the station to the cathedral, alongside the mayor socialist of Strasbourg Roland Ries, and the president PS of the departmental Council of Meurthe-et-Moselle, Mathieu Klein.
“We wander, we travel,” said Manuel Valls, the s erene face, who want to take “this message to a France that was gathered, of a Republic strong, firm and at the same time, France fraternal”.
The former head of the government expressed concern about the influence of networks related to Russia “seeking to weigh in on the fate of a number of countries”.
He dog-eared the passage of his rival, François Fillon. “I have already had occasion to worry about the alignment of Fillon on the positions of Putin. I respect Russia, but it is necessary to speak with him directly. It may not be aligned with a country,” insisted Manuel Valls in front of the journalists.
On accusations of financing of the campaign of the FN by funds Russian, as revealed by the Canard enchaîné, on the basis of a note by the american intelligence, Manuel Valls sees a case “even worse”. “The extreme right, who speak so much about sovereignty and independence, is ready to give up for reasons of funding, depending on his interests. But we knew, the FN doesn’t like France,” said Mr. Valls.


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