Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The video of a bear killed intentionally shocking – The Figaro

The Russian authorities today announced that they have opened an investigation after the broadcast on the internet a video is shocking in which a bear is intentionally crushed several times by two trucks in the siberian tundra.

The video, filmed by a passenger, shows the two trucks used by the mining companies or oil to flow in extreme conditions chasing a bear, which moves with difficulty in the snow. One of the passengers shouts then “Club! Club!” and uttered a cry of joy, when the vehicle runs over the animal. After having ridden over it several times, the men are heard shouting “It is alive” and then hits the bear, was trapped under the vehicle, with a metal pin.

The video has been published yesterday on the internet before being extensively disseminated by the Russian media. The police of Yakutia, a region of the Russian Far East, has announced the opening of an investigation. “At the present time, we have established that the video shows of the inhabitants of Yakutia”, said on television the spokesman for the Interior ministry, Irina Volk.

“We’ll do everything we can to ensure these scum get the punishment the more severe, for his part, commented on his page Facebook Sergey Donskoy, the minister of the Environment, denouncing a “carnage”. “Such crimes should be punishable by prison,” he added.

The bears, who are not able to find a shelter to hibernate can be dangerous and are often killed by the authorities if they are near cities or villages. In the past year, a video showing workers building a military base in the Arctic throwing a firecracker at a bear as food, and the animal roaring in pain, had already caused outrage in Russia.


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