Thursday, December 29, 2016

SNCF : traffic TER and TGV trains disrupted on the line Bordeaux-Toulouse – Le Parisien

A malfunction on a goods train led to the termination or delay of many trains, TER or TGV. Traffic was able to resume around 11 hours.

Lmovement of trains was disrupted on Thursday morning on the line Bordeaux-Toulouse due to a hardware problem on a freight train, a-t-on learned from the SNCF. The problem occurred around 7 a.m. when the pantograph – a part that connects the train to the catenary to the power supply – a freight train has broken, said a manager of the SNCF. The train was then to 2 kilometres from the train station of Agen in the direction of Toulouse.

The traffic was stopped on both lanes for nearly three hours, the power supply having been cut off so that the intervention teams of the SNCF can work and check such as the state of the catenary.

gradual Recovery of the traffic

The traffic between Bordeaux and Agen is recovering slowly on the two lanes around 11 hours.

Several of the Express Regional Trains (TER) have been cancelled and replaced by buses. A TGV train was still at the bus stop at departure from Toulouse, while the passengers of another TRAIN, stuck at 200 meters of Agen, were transported by bus to Bordeaux. with AFP


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