Friday, December 23, 2016

Terrorism : the French police ready to “a response almost immediately” – The World

Asked by le Journal du dimanche, the director general of the national police stated that there was “no formal elements” regarding a terrorist threat to Christmas.

With their religious dimensions and festive, the Christmas present is

Whether the threat of terrorist ” remains very high “, there is ” not formal elements “ on a possible terrorist attack in France for Christmas, ” says Jean-Marc Falcone, the director general of the national police (DGPN) in the Sunday Newspaper published on Saturday 24 December.

The Christmas holidays have a dimension that is at once religious and festive, this is to say that they have a symbolic dimension and, at the same time that they are the cause of large gatherings. There is obviously a risk, “, warns, however, Mr. Falcone.

to Retrace the route of Aris Amri

The DGPN also ensures that ” for the masses of Christmas the most popular, identified in some large cities, we will have not only a police presence, but a capacity to counter almost immediate “.

The threat is analyzed on a daily basis by the intelligence services, he said. The boss of the police believes that the attack on Berlin was forced to re-evaluate security conditions. It evokes, among others, ” the installation of pedestals and barriers, controls, entries, pedestrian, searches and pat-downs by agents of the private security supported by the police, “.

The French authorities are currently working with their counterparts in German and Italian in order to establish the course of Aris Amri. The alleged perpetrator of the terrorist attack on the Christmas market in Berlin could be passed through Chambery before arriving to Milan, where he was killed in the night from Thursday to Friday, during an identity control. A train ticket was allegedly found in his business.

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